Image of a healthy almond tree. Blessings For Healing The Body Through A Vegetarian Diet

12. Blessings For Healing The Body Through A Vegetarian Diet


From the Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Bearing Plants


It is the Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Bearing Plants that write to you again today. In our last communication in Chapter 6 “Blessings for a Healthy Body that Can Ascend”, we spoke to the current dietary trends and how they support or hinder ascension, and the need to create “complete meals” of proteins, carbohydrates, enzymes from fresh vegetables and fermented foods, as this is how the crystalline digestive system best breaks down nutrients.


Today we wish to speak of specific foods that are helpful to the ascending biology in terms of integration of new crystalline genetic materials as well as regeneration of that which has already become crystalline. Regeneration of the crystalline biology will continuously require certain food substances to allow all the biochemical ingredients necessary to repair and regenerate the cells. Each part of the biochemistry requires specific nutrients. It is our hope to illuminate upon what foods hold what nutrients for the regeneration and ascension of each part of the biology so that each may choose a diet that better supports the choice to ascend in this lifetime.




Fruits host a variety of enzymes that can assist in producing the digestive enzymes that the crystalline digestive system requires. Enzymes are also important to the ascension into the crystalline cellular structure. The ascending body creates carrier cells in the blood to send enzymes to wherever in the biology that the old cellular system requires breaking down to allow the new crystalline biology to grow. Providing the body with enough enzymes from fruit sources will allow what is ingested to be placed in the carrier cells and then injected into regions that are resurrecting into the next crystalline blueprint. Fruits therefore are something that will be an ongoing part of the ascending diet due to the high amount of enzymes necessary to this goal.


The plant kingdom advises ascending initiates to have some fruit each day; and if one craves more, then one may dine on fruit all day if one so chooses. Taking a one-to-three-day fruit fast is also a great way to cleanse the intestines along with the ducts of the kidneys and liver to aid ascension in this region. Watermelon is a good choice as a main fruit for a fast as it is pH neutral and will not tend to cause one to become overly acidic or basic thereafter and leading to other complications. Grapes are another good choice to add along with small amounts of pineapple and papaya along with any other fresh fruit desired.




Fresh apricots are not only tasty but high in vitamin A, minerals and beta carotene. Beta carotene has an interesting contribution to make within crystalline biology. Beta carotene creates an internal form of “dye” through which diseased or scarred tissue can be more easily perceived so that it can be resurrected into the crystalline form. The dye is not one that has to do with visibility in an “eyesight” sense but rather an energetic perception that then the body can make to determine what requires resurrecting next in the dance of continued ascension. Beta carotene makes a good sensor of decay and scarred regions in the form in other terms. Read more