Image of lively green grass. Blessings for a Restoration of Full Consciousness

19. Blessings for a Restoration of Full Consciousness


From the Grass Kingdom


It is the Sweet Grass Kingdom that greets you today. Sweet Grass is a term that the Native Americans gave to grass growing within the water or in the marsh or wetlands. The Native Americans would gather this grass growing out of the water and make it into long braids calling it “Mother Earth’s Hair”. Then the grass would be dried in the sun and burnt during a sweat lodge or ceremony for purposes of purification. Indeed, the smoke of grass has a purifying affect upon the energy field of any human or region. Sweet grass in particular smells very sweet when it burns, hence the name.


Returning Home to the Tao


Grass covers the body of the land upon most continents of Earth, including the deserts. The Grass Kingdom includes many flowers and herbs such as sage, dandelion, lavender, red clover and most herbs listed in Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” of Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Grass has diversified over time to hold all the vibrations of the Language of Light along Earth’s surface and hence the vast array of herbs and flowers that we are associated with.


The Grass Kingdom also holds an underwater presence known as algae as well as seaweed. Over time, Asur’Ana and Per have learned to crave seaweed for its mineral content needed in ascension and enjoys the Nori with vegetarian sushi or in summer sea salad. All ascending initiates may benefit from eating seaweed once per week due to the minerals it can provide. In the consumption of seaweed, you can commune with the grass of the sea.


As a collective, the Grass Kingdom directs the vibrations that hold life along Earth’s surface as well as through her core. Vegetarian animal kingdoms as well as small fish feast upon us to sustain their existence thereby also ingesting the Language of Light at this time of ascension. The Buffalo Kingdom in particular told Asur’Ana that they dine upon almost all the herbs that grow wild in Yellowstone National Park that are offered up in support of ascension. In this manner, the Buffalo Kingdom has risen to 6,000 segments within the park as also has the Elk, Deer and Moose Kingdoms.


All kingdoms are ascending at this time including the grass and herbs along with flowers and trees. The ascensions are coming along due to the conscious freewill choice of Mother Earth to choose to go Home. Long ago, Mother Earth exited another dream and another reality in which endless life, wholeness and beauty along with freedom was known. Now there is a desire to return home to such a state of being; but not for endless life, but for a return to the very source from which all existence emanates; and Asur’Ana has called this force the Tao. Read more