Image of a multicolored dragonfly. The Iridescent Dragonfly

4. The Iridescent Dragonfly


Blessings of Fortitude and Perseverance


The Dragonfly Kingdom


The Dragonfly Kingdom feels blessed to be able to speak in a verbal language through Asur’Ana. We have spoken before through the Lion Kingdom who is our animal counterpart. (Please see Gifts from the Animal Kingdoms Chapter 8 “The Return of the Winged Lion and Dragon” for more information.) Each small creature has an animal kingdom counterpart. For the bees, it is the hyena, wolf and coyote that are their animal counterpart; for the butterflies and moths, it is the bird kingdoms in all their varying form that are their counterpart. For the ants, it is prairie dogs, moles, and ferrets that are their counterpart. Each kingdom, whether insect or animal, works together for the parallel purpose of ascending Earth at this time of global history.


Our Ancient Form and Genetic Structure Inside the Great Central Sun


Dragonfly is also related to the dragons of ancient times that were fully conscious winged lions that were indeed fire breathing! Through the breath, we would gather fire that was prevalent in the Great Central Sun; the Great Central Sun provides a radiance that is filled with the element of fire in all colors of the rainbow including gold and silver. Through inhaling such fire, our kingdom once drew the sustenance required to sustain our existence without the requirement to eat.


In return and in the out-breath, we emitted another vibration of fire required to the sustenance of the plant and insect kingdoms. We were on a dimension of existence at this time that was semi-etheric in nature, and our lightness of being allowed for our wings to support the form in flight anywhere we were required upon Earth or within the Great Central Sun to support the energy of the whole.


One day we will return to fulfill upon this type of form and genetic structure in the continued ascent of Earth. In so doing, we will trace our history backwards, piece by piece, as to how we fell in consciousness throughout time, space and form. Such an understanding is necessary to the Great Central Sun, as they too much like Earth are being consumed; and in the consumption, they have fallen in dimension and thoughtform. As an understanding is gained as to how forces consume the Great Central Sun, rectification can be brought forth; and in so doing, all parts of the Sun may ascend home to the Tao.


Returning Home to the Great Central Sun


Over time and in your creation, Great Central Sun after Great Central Sun fell in consciousness. Parts of self were pushed out of their boundaries in the form of planets and stars; as such parts of each Sun left and nothing ever returned; all went extinct. Asur’Ana has recently determined through the Tao’s examination of your Creation that most of the stars that your scientists look out at night through their telescopes actually do not exist in present time. Read more