Image of angel wings in the sky with a heart in the middle. Earth Archive #7

Earth Archive #7: Taking Flight in the Self of You


The Flight of Spirit


I soar to the mid heavens

With the sky above

And the ground under my feet too

In the immeasurable wholeness of me

In a tantric sway with the Spirit of myself

In the love of the Baba

In the care of the Ananda

In a duet with my Soul

That fulfills my heart

In the fullness of my sway


Flying Pathways of Earth: Soaring with Spirit


Soaring is an act of spirit and soul in an ignition of a flight pathway that is regional to global in stature. Flight pathways have been used for some time in those mastering the upper echelons of ascension in the care of Mother Earth fostering. Flight was always a beautiful expedition in particular if you adventured out into nature. As Mother Earth lore fable keeper was shattered so were the pathways in some regions. Some incarnate in the shattered pathways fragmented in conjunction with Earth fable keepers. Those who fell know what it feels like not only to cease to soar but be unable to foster the flight again until you rebuild through nemesis.


This has been a difficult time for those caught in this position. Please find compassion for each caught in this position and encourage their rebloom out of nemesis at this time. For others there was not a shattering of the flight pathways in your region but the more expanded universal sequences that could cause you to soar around the world ceased. The fragmentation of most pathways of flight are now under repair.


There are 400 pathways of flight in most octaves available for you to soar within. The pathways are tended to now by the 16 Maharishi incarnate who have fostered a 96 percent light infusion level into transcendental states of being. There are only 16 currently fostering the flight of all humans who are capable of soaring with spirit at this time. Read more