Image shows a delicious pizza of a veg diet

Veg Diet Transition Tips-Part 2 of 2


3 Easy Steps to Go Veg!


The switch to a veg diet can be an exciting and delicious way to explore new foods. It is also much easier than you think. Most people typically use a limited variety of favorite recipes. The average family usually eats only eight or nine different dinners repeatedly. You can use a simple, three-step method to come up with nine veg dinner menus that you enjoy and can prepare easily.


First, think of three veg meals that you already enjoy. Common ones are tofu (or fake meat) and vegetable stir-fries, vegetable stew, or pasta primavera. Read more

Image shows a delicious taco for a veg diet

Veg Diet Transition Tips-Part 1 of 2


Tasty and delicious alternatives to animal ingredients are now becoming much easier to find than ever as many people are becoming conscious of the eco-friendly and healthy benefits of a veg diet. Check out the following helpful tips to help you easily make the transition.



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