Image of a spiraling wave in the cosmos. The Dance Between Archetypes (Part 2)

Chapter 3: The Dance Between Archetypes (Part 2)


The Red Nations History


The red nations’ peoples were eighteen nations of humans incubated in a laboratory by Sirian scientists to gain an understanding of what types of DNA packages would thrive upon Earth. They were seeded upon Earth 75,000 Earth years (300,000 human years) ago and 225,000 Earth years (900,000 human years) after the creation of the ice shields. Of the eighteen nations of humans, only seven root races survived as they had the right genealogy and energy flow for Earth’s biosphere. The scientists returned many times over a 100,000-human year period to monitor the tribes, returning to where they had been originally seeded; most did not migrate far from their original region of seeding over time.


There was something wrong however with the eleven root races that did go extinct. These races appeared to have run electrical or mer-ka-ba geometry. Over time this flow was so non-resonant with the land that the harm returned caused plagues and all of such tribal members went extinct. Tribes were seeded in regions so far apart and deliberately upon the part of the scientists so that they would not migrate and find one another and interbreed. This allowed a pure understanding of what energy flow worked with Earth and what did not along with DNA associated in human form for the Sirian scientists.


Regardless of the scientific stance upon the issue, the fact that there was mer-ka-ba energy flow in human form recorded upon the grids of Earth caused another human race of parallel energy flow known as the Pleiadian Annanuki to be drawn to Earth again into the future. It is also a great truth that when the Grand Masters with the large craniums were seeded upon Earth 25,000 Earth years (100,000 human years) later, that they attempted to ascend some of the red nations peoples. In the ascent, the mer-ka-ba energy flow was recreated and inflated to global proportions. This in turn called the Anu to Earth at a later time period as they matched the global energy signature of the mer-ka-ba.


The Anu came with particular goals in mind for harvesting Earth’s resources and life extension primarily. The red nations peoples by and large avoided the Anu and stayed out of their way. Merduk abducted many of the red nations peoples (175 over time) and had access to each of the seven holograms associated with the Native American root race. The Native American root race was the primary root race living nearby the Anu.


Merduk experimented upon these humans in his laboratory and utilized their DNA in the manufacturing of the Anu slaves. This caused a holographic fall for the Native American root race. The fall of the Native American root race did not directly affect other lineages associated with Tibetan, Inuit (Mongolian), South American Indian, Aboriginal (Australian), African, Polynesian, or Laplanders (Sami) root races at this time. Read more