Image of 6 dolphins jumping up joyously in the air with a small island in the background. Forgiving the Past and Changing the Future

10. Forgiving the Past and Changing the Future


It is the Whale and Dolphin Kingdom that desires to write to you today. We wish to speak about unity formation within our kingdom so that our human brothers and sisters may strive to master a parallel formation within your own species. Unity is a state of being in which each holds the same sized field and the same pace of rotation of chakras, subtle bodies and Light Body or dreamtime self. As each within the group holds the same sized field and spins the field in the same pace, then unity is sustained within the pod, whether the pod is human or dolphin or whale matters not.


Unity is a form of equality where each relates to the other from the standpoint of compassion, love, respect, value and wholeness. Each within the pod is deemed necessary to contribute unto the whole. Each pod forms yet another energy flow that is created through the united but equal sized fields of each member. Each member of the pod is therefore necessary and important unto the energy of the whole. As each member of the pod masters another level of ascension and expansion of field, each other member also then masters allowing for unity and equality to be sustained in the continued ascent of the pod.


These are the lessons that we as map makers of ascension within the whale and dolphin species are coming to understand at this time in our evolution. In order for unity to be sustained, each member of our pod must strive to retain an equal sized field unto the other that is founded upon level of mastery. Over inflation of field that is not founded upon mastery leads to one who desires to be “better than” or “more important” than any other member of the pod. This then leads to competition and out of the competitive nature of a dance of unequal fields, there are then lesser than and greater than members of any pod, or in other terms disunity.


In ascension, there is no greater than or lesser than; there is only the journey home in which each strives to create the pathway as rapidly as the body can transcend and transmute into another biological state of being that holds a higher frequency. Dolphins and whales have resorted to a stratified consensus as a result of the various speeds of ascension within our kingdom with each united with others of parallel vibration and expansion of field so that equality can be sustained within the whole of our relations. It matters not what tier of vibration any one whale or dolphin rests within, as each in all tiers is still deemed equal to all others and worthy as they are contributing to the whole of the ascension of our entire species.


Long ago, dolphins and whales understood unity as we all existed at the same vibration. This state of being existed prior to our first fall in consciousness about 150,000 years ago as Earth measures time (600,000 years ago in human timeframe). Up until 600,000 years ago, any one whale had the same sized field and spin of rotation as any other whale incarnate upon Terra (Earth). In parallel, each dolphin also had the same sized field and rotated the field in the same pace as all others. This retained a vast level of unity within each pod, between pods, and between fully conscious whales and dolphins anywhere that we existed. Read more