Image of a majestic mountain and lake in a secluded area in Italy. A Stand For Honor

19. A Stand For Honor


We would like to address the issue of honor within the human dance. So much of the current human dance is predicated upon dishonor and judgement that honor has been long lost. Yet in order to enter the dance of unity with all species, honor must become one’s foundation.


Honor is a way of being, a way of relating, first to oneself, and then extended outwards towards all others. Many have equated mastering honor or spiritual mastery with knowledge, and indeed knowledge is necessary in order to master, but knowledge in and of itself will not cause a state of honor to emerge. In order for a state of honor to emerge, one must allow the process of ascension to come forth within the biology and within the thoughtform of the human form. In ascension, one becomes the master, which in other terms means embodying honor.


Why is a modification of the human biology necessary for honor to become one’s foundation? Much of the problems with the human biology, as with all biology upon Earth, is the result of numerous falls in vibration with causes so complex we will not delve into all of it, for it would require several volumes of written material to explain in detail. However, let us suffice to say that there were humans whom came to Earth with a different biochemical structure than the seeded race, and the blending of the energy of Earth and their particular structure led to a state of dishonor over time.


In a state of honor, one would not choose to enslave another. Nor would one choose to own anything or anyone. Nor would one choose even to have a pet, or place animals in a zoo. In a state of honor, one understands that all life has consciousness, all life contains soul, and that all soul is evolving. No one species is less than any other, nor is any one species less aware than any other. Humanity has assumed that if another species lacked the ability to language, that such a species is indeed inferior. No species is inferior. It is simply that species without language are non-verbal in nature. Non-verbal species speak telepathically, although sometimes they utilize sound to transfer their telepathy.


How Do Non-Verbal Species Communicate?


All bird chatter or animal sounds have a communication or telepathic message behind it. Often, animals are relaying what they perceive about a given region in relation to Earth’s continued ascension, what is to be released, what has just been released, and what is next in relation to the next phase of evolution for Earth. This is the main concern of each species at this time in history. Read more