Image of beautiful pink cherry blossoms. Mindset Development #1

Mindset Development #1


Overview of Mindset Development


Ascension into Self Development and Realization Theory


Mindset Development


The birth of the mind

Is a series of light infusions

Sustained through time

That fosters the cells to illuminate

Giving birth to self

Realizing in itself

Fostering a system of divinity

In the expression of synergy

In a wave motion of prose

That ignites a flame

Of truth within

Giving birth unto divine love within


Systems of Mindset Development

The 11-11, 12-12, 14-14, 16-16 and 18-18

Gateways to Levels of Mastery of Ascension into Self Realization


The 11-11, 12-12, 14-14, 16-16 and 18-18 are gateways or portholes into the concepts of forgiveness, compassionate action and divinity of self. Self is a consciousness that develops as striations of light are woven into the subtle bodies of mental, emotional, creative and intuitive awareness. The light striations synthesize motions of light waves in the field that cause octaves to be transfused through associated with mastery over each porthole and the divine concepts associated. Transfusion is an act of light synthesis that allows a connection between the physical and nonphysical associated with archetypal understanding. Transfusion dispensates knowing associated with each level of development.


Transfusion allows archetypal knowledge to be understood through light synthesis of self. Synthesis of self causes understanding to flow between the subtle bodies and mindset of the physical. Light synthesis of self fosters mindset development to comprehend the issues of mastery as self develops through time. Mindset development levels are a function of the waves that form through the synapses of the cortex of the cranium along with the subtle bodies. As mindset matches the subtle bodies, the physical and nonphysical better comprehend one another. Mindset has many formations of synapse development and flowers to foster understanding of forgiveness, compassion, or divine realization in the lives of those mastering self.


Most ascending humans foster non-succinct waves in the cortex of the mind. Non-succinct waves motion in angular synapse formations that flux in non-divine thoughts within. Non-divine brainwave motions equate to passive-aggressive behavior, depression, boredom, or listlessness; or hyper active behavior of nervousness to excitement or elation. Non-succinct mind waves spike, squiggle, flare or are disjointed in the formations of waves flowing out of the synapses of the cortex. Spikes are associated with elation, nervousness, fear or excitement. Flares trigger passive aggressive behavior. Squiggles cause the flavor of depression or listlessness in the life expression. Most mindset of ascending humans is non-succinct until development is fostered to another level within through continued mastery. Read more