Image of a sweet and gentle giraffe. The Spotted Giraffe

12. The Spotted Giraffe


Blessings of Gentleness


The Giraffe Kingdom


Giraffes are often looked at with great interest in human zoos or upon wildlife preserves. What makes Giraffe so interesting? Is it our long neck, and an ability to balance therein? Is it our large brown eyes? Is it our gentle manner? We are related to the Deer Kingdom, although grew a very different form over time given the special region that we live and the requirement to dine upon leaves 10 feet or higher in the air.


Loss of Gentleness on Earth


Giraffe holds the vibrations of gentleness upon Earth. Gentleness can be equated with a soft summer’s breeze upon the face, or a gentle rolling lake that one is pushed to and fro within as one swims. Gentleness has all but been lost upon Earth due to the harsh electrical elements that pervaded beginning about 24 million years ago, and became even more prevalent due to human manipulations and electrical sacred geometry launched about 184,000 years ago. Why are electrical elements so harsh? They do not originate within this creation. As a matter of fact, it is now understood that such elements never originated in any creation; they are a part of the programming for destruction and stripping of creation on the part of certain souls that never ascended home to the “Tao”.


Such souls soon dwindled and dwindled in chi as all else returned home after an extensive period of contraction. Soon such souls recognized that they would move into extreme distortion without the presence of the life force of the Tao. One can equate this to what would occur if the light of the sun disappeared. If Earth failed to ascend and the Sun accomplished this task seeming to disappear, Earth would be left to die or become extinct. In essence, this is what occurred for such souls.


Such souls then chose to demolish a part of themselves in order to sustain the rest. But which part? Was any part ever going to volunteer? Of course not. And so, the governance chose to trick a portion of self into being destroyed all the while thinking that something else was going to occur. This indeed is the dance upon Earth to this day, and eons and eons of time later. Why is this occurring again? Because the forces designed to destroy a part of this group of souls was so clever and so good at what they do that the dance carried on even during subsequent full expansion periods of the Tao were in motion, and when such a dance really and truly was not necessary.


Earth was a gentle being and experience once. She never volunteered to be destroyed or experience so many falls in consciousness. Those in this dance manipulated and manipulated and manipulated, as they have done for eons of time, ripping apart creation after creation. In her choice to ascend, Earth has had to fight back; fight the forces that wish to continue to manipulate and destroy her. Sometimes in such battles, one loses sight of the gentle side of self for a time. Read more