Image of a cute and sweet looking koala bear asleep on a tree. The Koala Bear Asleep in the Gum Tree

33. The Koala Bear Asleep in the Gum Tree


Blessings for Harmlessness


The Koala Bear Kingdom


We of the Koala Bear Kingdom have much to say to our ascending human brothers and sisters. Our kingdom is not really a bear, although we share some similar attributes perhaps in appearance to such species, particularly the Panda Bear. Scientists have called us a “marsupial” because our children, much like the kangaroo, travel as young fetuses up our belly and crawl into a pouch to wean until they are large enough to thrive upon their own. We are one of many of such species around the globe that has such forms of childbirth.


We Came from the Jyreion Creation


Why is this so? Our species along with all others that have this predisposition of birth come from other creations. Our species arrived upon a spacecraft about 46,000 Earth years ago (184,000 human years) along with some humans from the Jyreion creation. Such humans were escaping their own dying creation, and much like Noah and his “Ark”, packed up two of every species, one male and one female, and took off hoping to find a new planet to relocate to. Thousands and thousands of craft left; only 17 arrived upon Earth. Others went to other creations; some never made it ceasing to exist.


Upon arrival on Earth, each of the 17 craft had difficulty navigating through the ice shields that were prevalent surrounding your atmosphere at the time, and wound up upon different continents. Although for a time they could communicate with one another via their radios, each craft was damaged enough that they could not take flight again. This left whatever species upon whatever craft to be released in whatever region that they crashed landed; hence the wide variety of species upon different continents in present time on Earth.


Koala Bear and Wombat were two particular creatures that came upon craft that crash-landed near the region now known as Australia. There were many other species that were also set free from our craft; all have gone extinct over time, as they held not the right energy flow for Earth. Giraffe, hippopotamus and antelope are all that remain from another set of species carried upon crafts that crash landed near what is now known as the African continent. Badger, fox, beaver and wolf are all that remain upon what is now known as North America where most of the remaining crafts crashed. Such species are also found in Europe as at another time, there were no oceans and the continents were not so far apart.


The Koala species is magnetic in origins. We can trace our lineages to others related to our hologram that exited your Great Central Sun. Therefore, we are capable of ascending home with Earth at this time in her journey. This brings our species great joy along with most others that also left our dying creation behind. So, you see perhaps that craft that humanity creates is not so bad after all, as now we have our chance to return Home. Read more