Image shows the wonderful change of the Sun signifying the New Earth is here.

The New Earth Is Here – Part 2 of 2


The New Earth


The New Earth is simply the higher dimensional Earth. We can access it through our open heart with love. As we unify the polarities within us, we open up the doorway of our heart to step through into the New Earth as Co-Creators. We no longer operate from duality and fear; we have moved into the higher dimensional worlds, by becoming our Multidimensional Self.


The heart is the doorway to the New Earth. We create it from our love, and the light that illuminates from us, as we are one with the Suns. The Sun of our Divine Self glows bright and gives life. We have merged Heaven and Earth within and without.


We are already experiencing the New Earth when we come from unity consciousness and have open hearts, trust in the abundance of Source, enjoying life and living a life that is in harmony with Nature, family, friends and everyone we come in contact with. Life just keeps getting better and more loving, more wonderful, flowing, abundant and joyful.  Read more

Lotus Mandala as a symbol for the Multidimensional Self

Integrating Our Multidimensional Self


The next great leap in human evolution will come from a recognition and awareness of the many aspects of the Self.


Perhaps many of us are aware that we are experiencing a huge shift on this planet. We can feel higher aspects of ourselves beginning to integrate within us, as we are more aware of the many sensations and presences we had not noticed before.


We ALL have many higher expressions of our Multidimensional Self in the fifth dimension and beyond. During this time of planet Earth’s ascension, our expressions of Self in higher dimensions of reality are reaching out to assist us to return to our true Multidimensional Self. Read more