Image of an exquisite lavender water lily with golden center. Mindset Development Introduction

Mindset Development Introduction


Ascension into Self Realization Theory of Mastery


The Mind


The mind is the gift

Of the awareness of self

In a forensics motion

Of a heart-mind accolade

Giving birth to union

In divine honor of all

Fostering the knowing

Of the mastery keys of life

In the beautification of care

Of the self of each

In the dreams of love

Of a realizing master within


Self-Realization Theory: Mastery of Divinity       


Self-realization is another level of ascension that is associated with the mastery of spirit over matter into the divine accolades of self. Self-theory is a level of consciousness that transfuses. Transfusion is a light force occurrence that synthesizes knowledge of physical realization unto the nonphysical for a continued existence post death. Those who transfuse generally do not become ill and renew in each cycle of development as long as the diet supports the journey. Transfusion is a light synthesis motion that sustains the mindset. Mindset is an adroit equation of synapses that allow for realization of self. Mindset development is a pre-requisite unto realization of self.


Divinity is a keynote of development for the purposes of transfusion lore of self. Transfusion lore of self is founded upon equality to foster the birth of realization within. Equality is an understanding that all is one and none is larger, smaller, grander or diminished in life regardless of happenstance of self. Equality is the prelude to development of the first synthesis of the self of the self within. The self of the self within develops into eighteen systems of divine concepts that are often difficult to transfuse through. Each of the eighteen systems flower in multiple light motions as prose thoughtform is perceived, witnessed, understood, realized and actualized through time. Self-realization language is poetry in motion known as prose. Prose reflects upon the lesson understood as each wave motion is mastered within.


Divine concepts of self are not an illusion but an internal mechanism to understand life from the point of reverence of truth in divine thoughts of wave prose. Truth is sustainable in increasing increments with each wave prose mastered in light motion. Light motions of truth are developed through the Tao of the Tao within. Tao is a force that asserts itself in development of self from within the archetype of self. Each human is born of a specific archetype with a specific life goal through time. Those realizing are of a particular bandwidth of archetype suited to the goal of actualization in each cycle. Many archetypes master ascension. Some can traverse no further as the mindset is incapable of developing within. Read more