Image of dandelions with white butterflies in pale pink background. Dream Weaving and Manifestation

Chapter 7: Dream Weaving and Manifestation


This chapter is devoted to the act of manifestation and conscious dream weaving. For so long, humans have forgotten that they are the director of their dream. As a result of this forgetfulness, humans have gone into dreamtime to negotiate with nonphysical forces for the dream that they desire to receive rather than simply intending the desired dream to be experienced. The forces controlling human dreams have set up a complex set of bargaining that is not unlike the current banking and loan system in the physical. The entities demand more and more chi for one’s dream; to a point that this in and of itself set a downward spiral of falling consciousness in the human species.


Dolphins and Whales went into less forgetfulness about their dreams. However, the forces directing human dreams began to press themselves upon the whales and dolphins to gain access to their chi over time. The mutilation of their kingdom in the nonphysical through these forces in the human dream manipulation game led in time to the destruction of dolphins and whales at human hands. In parallel manner, the destruction of the human energy field through the dream manipulators also led over time to human warfare.


Prior to the arrival of the Anu, humans, whales and dolphins existed in a magnetic dream. The dreams that were bartered and exchanged moved from one party to the other without mutilation of field. At most, only chi was lost in the exchange which the nonphysical forces took much like interest upon a loan. As the Anu arrived upon Earth, they brought with them an entirely different type of dream that was electrical. There was no place in the magnetic dream for their dance and so they puffed up the space between in the alterations to Earth’s biosphere and pressed their dream upon Earth within this region of domain. This is how the dark Earth dream came to be in such a large and exaggerated proportion.


The magnetic dream was then pressed or squeezed into other regions that the Anu did not occupy causing them to dominate in those regions that they constructed their castles. The red nations’ peoples naturally moved away due to a lack of dream for themselves near the Anu compounds. As the Anu bred their slave nation out of control and into the billions, the space between electrical dream from the Pleiades grew and grew along the surface of the Earth and in certain grids of global energy flow. Such grids are located now in Europe, Asia and North America primarily. This is where those of electrical genealogy tend to live as a result.


Box and Pyramidal Shaped Dreams        


Anu dream is pyramidal. Asian dream is box shaped. The box shaped dream comes from Alpha Centauri where the Pleiadians incubated two additional slave races known as the Reptilians. The Reptilians were drawn to Earth in the fourth dimension; they raped and blended with those red nations peoples in the fourth dimension in the Inner Earth that has ascended. This led to an alteration of those of Tibetan and Inuit or Mongolian inheritance primarily who altered in holographic nature to become 28% Reptilian. There were several breeds of Reptilians that mated or raped red nation women in the fourth dimension; hence the difference between Chinese and Japanese or other Asian nations today. Some Reptilian DNA creates a very small thin biology; yet others create a rounder form more akin to Polynesian root race. Read more

Image of Dream Weaving and the 8 planes of reality. Becoming The Dreamer And The Dream

17. Becoming The Dreamer And The Dream


The purpose of the human species is to master conscious dreaming. This is the purpose of mastering one’s initiations; one becomes the dreamer and the dream. One envisions any dream, and then lives to experience it exactly as one envisions such a dream.


If the dream is for a beloved, then the beloved is made manifest and the beloved comes into one’s life dance. If the dream is for a new place to live, a preoccupation that brings one joy, a child, a healthy form, living in a beautiful region, or one’s ascension, one has the capacity to dream the dream, and then live to experience the dream. This is the original purpose that the human species was designed for; to be a living dream weaver that experiences one’s own dream.


We have spoken in previous books about how intents or dreams are made manifest. We now summarize this process with some major new additions and changes due to global changes in the dreamtime planes that surround Earth. Let us suffice to say that Earth has entirely restructured four planes surrounding manifestation; the Planes of Dreamtime, the Planes of Magic, the Planes of Thoughtform and the Planes of Unity (formerly the Planes of Karma). This restructuring allows ascending initiates to become the dreamer and the dream. It is the purpose of this chapter to discuss the path of becoming the conscious dreamer in human form.




How does one transcend? One transcends through forgiveness. How does one forgive? How does one forgive others who have harmed oneself or damaged one’s form, or brought misery to one’s life? Forgiveness comes through understanding. In understanding how one’s ancestors have destroyed or harmed others, one will come to understand why one harms another. In so understanding the underlying emotional cause, one can most readily forgive.


For all that have experienced the trauma over New York, there are millions and millions of other humans that have experienced equal trauma in a less publicized manner. Such humans have been seemingly victims to incest or sexual abuse of a parent over their form. Abusive parents, teachers or schoolmates have emotionally traumatized many humans. Many humans have abused others including their own children out of fear, confusion, or frustration. Many humans have struggled to make ends meet and pay the bills, or find a loving partner, or transcend a disease killing the form. Read more