Image of a banana tree with juicy fruits. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #6

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #6


Fostering of Self


Fostering of Self



The fostering of spirit

Into matter

Is the purpose

Of the self of yourself

Where self meets soul

And the soul’s purpose can shine

In the life of yourself

In the truth of your unique purpose

Expressed in a soul driven life

In a soul infused biology

In the care of the heart

In the love of spirit into matter


Fostering of Self   


The fostering of spirit into matter is a focus of the self of yourself. The self of yourself is a light motion orientation of the subtle body of you. As the light motions, the self ignites into its rays of truth and spirit fosters you in the act of transfusion which purifies thyself. As the field transfuses in purity, soul descends to participate in the journey of yourself.


Self is the union point of spirit and soul to adjoin the consciousness of you to drive the life forward in dreams of your soul’s purpose. Self must be purified into rays that are clear and radiant through time in order for soul to descend to foster a soul driven life. Soul is un-attracted to impure self. The purification of self is fostered through spirit. Spirit is associated with dragons, angels, fairies of the natural world, and demons of care in this time period. Each fosters spirit of all statures of variety for the purposes of purification of the self of yourself.


Dragons utilize the rays of fire to toast the striations of yourself. In the toasting of the rays of fire, that which is impure is melted off the self of yourself. The angels foster purification by applying the rays of white, ivory, gold and silver unto the self of yourself. The fairies of the natural world purify thyself through the land-based systems of self. The demons of care foster purification of thyself through the act of love. Love purifies the self through the fostering of care of the heart. Care purifies that which fails to care out of the consciousness of you. All nonphysical support of self-purification needs to be blessed and honored through time for their role in supporting your choice to self-realize. Please bless each force that is present to support your thresholds of self-development into realization into actualization of you in divine service. Read more