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About Us and Light Wave Evolution


In collaboration with their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) and the Aligning With Earth website, Asur’Ana and Per have been requested by the Tao to bring forth a new series of information about light wave evolution. Light waves foster a different type of evolutionary fulfilment than the consensus based ascension written about in the Ascension Insights series. Light waves allow for a release of magnetic based patterning and the integration of fusion movements that foster a whole and complete evolutionary sequence. Light waves and light infusion allow for a level of renewal and other healing modalities through the transfigurative or transformative paradigms. Transfigurative paradigm offers the possibility of a new infusion of self that fosters another direction in the dream of the life.


Divinity and Wholeness Theory


Light wave evolution is a motion of light synthesis that fosters another level of mastery beyond ascension systems of self. Light waves are motions of the divine oscillations of self realization. Self-realization is an augmentation of awareness of the sublime motions of the divine in the dance of life. Divinity is an actualization of forgiveness, compassionate action and other divine concepts of existence including wholeness theory of self. Wholeness theory is a concept that the Dao or feminine and the Tao or masculine ignite a flame of truth in the heart accolade of self.  The flame of truth is a level of mastery that ignites the possibility of the motions of light synthesis of field.


Light waves are fostered in prose Ckantor, a poetic motion of light, sound, color and thought that trigger poetry in motion in life. Poetry in motion translates into superlative notions of existence that cause the sublime oscillations of the divine to dream alongside oneself. Dreaming of the divine is not anything other than experiencing the magical momentous occasions in life. Momentous occasions are moments in which the syncopation of dream and life causes superlative dreams to occur that trigger deep gratitude and joy within. Superlative motions can occur with nature along with one another as forgiveness and compassionate action unfold.


Mindset Development


Mindset development is a theory of the divine concepts of life motioned in mind waves. In order for divine concepts to be understood, the synapses of the brain must be fostered to develop in particular formations that oscillate in divine motions of self. Mindset development is case specific to ancestry and fosters self-realization within. Self realization is not to be confused with ascension or other spiritual focuses upon the path. Self realization is an oscillation of love that is founded upon the merger of the Dao and Tao within in a divine spark of self ignited in the truth of the assertion of the life.


Self Realization


Light Wave Evolution is devoted to Self Realization. Self-Realization is a fostering of the planetary Tao in this cycle. The Planetary Tao infuses light quotients into those who have successfully mastered their ascension systems in life. The light infuses into the biology fostering the birth of Light Motion DNA. Light Motion DNA actualizes another type of biology into the physical. The physical embraces light into the cells that warms the body through photonic particles rather than consumption of sugar. Read more

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Earth Light Wave Sign Language #13


Vision of Self


Vision of Self


Lucid Dreaming

I am the lucid dreamer of myself

Fostering a vision

Of my future path

In a dream from my life form

Who dreams above and beyond

The imagination of myself

I vision quest with my Dao and Tao within

To witness who I am and where to be

And what to forgive or find compassion for

In order to dream my life

Into the actualization of my truth

In the peace of my heart


Lucid Dreaming


The art of lucid dreaming is an imaginary system in which the mind’s eye envisions a play of yourself in its unfolding through time. The plays can be of tomorrow or thirty years ahead as for the planes of lucid dreaming, time does not exist. All time is in the now of the moment to witness or review possible dreams to be actualized in a life of self-realization. Lucid dreaming is a third eye phenomenon. The third eye gland must be anointed by spirit in order to take flight. Some are more gifted at lucid dreaming than others in which case the dreaming occurs while asleep in the night. All lucid dreaming occurs in the mansion of self. The mansion of self is a perch for the Tao of Earth to foster dreams for those mastering realization in this cycle. The mansion of self can be lucid dreamed within while in meditation with your life form.


The life form is not the “higher self” but rather is a plane of reality and perch beyond the subtle body of field. The life form directs the subtle body in the dreams of life that are both physical and nonphysical. The life form is a gifted part of your archetype that oversees your life, witnesses your mastery, aids in the infusion of the light quotients of the biology in transfusion, and fosters the lore fables of your life dreams. All dreams possible for any given life arise out of either a major arcana lore fable or the fables of the Baba for realization levels of mastery in this time period. (Please see Light Wave 5: Yogi Tales of the Divine for more information.) All dreams arise out of the possibility of the mastering of greater levels of mindset development into divine accolades of concepts through time.


Lucid dreaming is a function of the Dao of your heart. The Dao of your heart has been with you since birth and is an archetypal transcription of communications for you to yourself within. The Dao of your heart presents dreams in lucid dreaming systems to foster an interpretive understanding of whom you are in the truth of you and where you are headed in life as well as what you require transcending and transfusing through in order to foster another divine concept to be mastered. Light fosters beautiful dreams if bright enough. Light that is not bright or dim can foster ill dreams or disease within the physical structure. Lucid dreaming allows you to interpret what you need to address to forgive and find compassion for to cause peace to arise within in order to cause beautiful dreams to actualize ahead. Read more

Image of an orange tree with juicy fruits. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #5

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #5


Territory of Self


Territory of Self



The territory of self is your life purpose

And the purpose of your soul

That you were born to fulfill upon

To foster this lifetime

In light motions of field

It is not the purpose of anybody else

It is the purpose of me and myself

I am that I am

In the purpose of myself

In the forever of my soul

In the love of me

And not in the love of yourself not


Territory of Self


The territory of yourself is the self of yourself in light motion of field that draws the dreams associated with your life purpose. The self of you has a terrain all of its own. Self is your conscious awareness that has been acquired in a lifetime of spiritual focus of yourself. The terrain of yourself is not the terrain of anybody else. Terrain of self is the structure of the striations of field that illuminate your subtle body of field as you think, process or foster your mindset through time. Terrain of self is personal and has its own understanding and focuses that draw dreams unto you that are associated with the rays of your life purpose in light motion of field. Purpose is color keyed in this cycle. Each terrain is generally woven of three rays of color in this time period to cause the soul’s purpose to manifest in the life dreams of you.


Red to magenta is the ray of fortification and is associated with those who foster lives of physical focuses such as yoga, massage, adventures into nature that foster spirituality within, gardening or farming, or any other activity that requires physical action through time. Blue to sky blue is the ray of harmony and is associated with any activity that fosters community with others in peace and grace through time. Green to pale green is the ray of the plant kingdom and fosters a purpose associated with the land.


Yellow to gold is the ray of creative endeavors such as music, art, acting, architecture and interior or clothing design. Orange to Peach is the ray of purposeful action of spiritual focuses such as educating others or writing spiritual materials. Pink to pale pink is the ray of purposeful love in action which fosters healers of any type of fostering including doctoring in natural remedies to hands on healing action of self. Purple to lavender is the ray of transformative focuses of light wave mastery and mindset development along with self-development to self-realization fostering. Read more

Image of delicate white and pinkish violet flowers. The Love Within

The Love Within


The Love of the Love Within


The time is right for infusion

out of the darkest of nights

which are only suspended

in the waking moments

Of truth that are about to unfold


Truth and darkness are opposites of nemesis

That arise in periods of deep introspection

Unto the meaning of life and love

Of which all of existence is founded upon

And aspires to return unto


What is the meaning of existence

Without love

and the breath from which it unfolds?

Love is the center of existence

And all that is and all that ever shall be


As for not for love

There is nothing left

Other than pure utter emptiness

Of which the darkest of truths unfold

In an unfeeling story of demise


This is a place

where the darkest of truths have unfolded

Only to teach those who are in the truth

The meaning of love in its purity

In which the love of loves unfolds Read more