Lovely and serene image of cosmic eggs. Godheads And Goddessheads Of Our Ovum

6. Godheads And Goddessheads Of Our Ovum


We would like to explain a little about the Order of Dari and of its function within our Ovum of 4,000 dimensions. Lord and Lady Dari has returned to assist your Godhead and Goddesshead in overcoming the distortion that has plagued so many aspects of their creation. The Order of Dari offers a perspective to all circumstances which stands outside of the distortion within your creation. From their perspective and guidance, many corrections will be made over time, not only upon the Earth plane but throughout your creation and God/Goddesshead.


Your creation (which is embodied by Lord and Lady Alora and holds Dimensions 1 through 144 of which Earth is a part) is only one of 144 creations embodied by your Godhead and Goddesshead. The Godhead and Goddesshead of this creation embody 144 creations, each of which has its own creator logos who is similar to Lord and Lady Alora. Godheads, Goddessheads and Creations can be likened to a collaborative agreement between many souls who have come from many sectors of creation to co-create a particular experience. In this case, Lord and Lady Alora are an aspect or creator God who have co-agreed to share their experience of creation with 143 other creator Gods. All creator Gods within a creation work together and evolve together.


The Godhead and Goddesshead oversee the evolution of all of the 144 creator Gods within the creation they embody. Much like the creator Gods themselves, the Godhead and Goddesshead are made up of many beings who have united to embody all of their creation of Dimensions 1 through 360 and oversee the collective evolution of all creator Gods. Our Godhead and Goddesshead are made up of 144 temples. A total of eighteen souls collectively hold the temples and oversee all evolutionary levels of all creator Gods such as Lord and Lady Alora. One of the beings who has overseen fourteen of the temples upon the level of the Godhead has been known as Rama. Rama has been the Godhead-level logos who has overseen the evolution of the particular creation that contains Earth.


You can see that the order and structure of each creation is highly complex and made up of many beings who have collaborated and united to co-create a particular experience. Rama oversees fourteen creations of which our creation is only one. Not all of the 14 creations Rama oversees has had the problems that this creation has experienced. At this time in Earth history, only three out of 14 creations that Rama oversees have been distorted or “fallen” further into density or matter than originally designed. Eleven other creations (s)he oversees do not know life below the 25th dimension and have never experienced physicality as you know it. Rama has hiers hands full, so to speak, in attempting to restore and repair the three creations that have gone awry.


Order of Dari


There are many Godheads and Goddessheads within our Ovum of 4,000 dimensions. Your particular God/Goddesshead is one of 144 and is considered God/Goddesshead number 36. There is an order that oversees the evolution of all Godheads and Goddessheads, and this order is known as the “Order of Dari”. The Order of Dari is made up of 144,000 temples that each serve a particular purpose in maintaining and evolving each of the Godheads and Goddessheads they oversee. Read more