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About Us and Global Ascension


The Aligning with Earth website in association with the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) is a collaborative organization under the direction of Asur’Ana, Per, Terra (Earth), Anasonya (the Inner Earth Mother) and the Tao. The purpose of the organization is to bring forth human ascension and support the global ascension of Earth.


Earth’s Ascension Is Gradual


Ascension is the process by which any planet, star, civilization or species evolves. In the evolutionary process, the biology of the form is altered allowing the form to increase upward in vibration from week, to month, to year, to decade. As this is accomplished gradually and over time, the form enters first a fourth dimensional existence and eventually a fifth dimensional existence in its choice to return “home” to where it was spawned.


Earth is becoming a star. One day Earth shall shine bright much like your solar Sun. Likewise your solar Sun is in the process of moving up in vibration and becoming a 12th dimensional vessel. Earth and your Sun are two of 4 Suns ascending simultaneously within your creation. This is the underlying cause of “global warming”. Earth is heating up due to her ascension, as ascension brings about an increasing vibration and higher rotation of molecular structure, which is the underlying cause of the increasing temperature of Earth.


Earth is choosing to return Home to where she was spawned. Earth was spawned from a spark of thoughtform in the Tao. The Tao is a Power or Force what Asur’Ana has defined as a part of herself and All That Exists that sits outside of space, time and form and directs creation. Others have called this Power/Force many names: God, the One Source, All That Is, the Great Spirit or the Ocean of Love. Earth is learning to attune to herself or her Tao within to guide her in her return journey home.


The process of ascension is not new, nor is it a rapid process. Earth has been increasing in vibration since your last ice age. It shall take upwards of 5,000 years to move Earth from her current vibration fully into the 5th dimension thereby attaining the state of a star. It may take hundreds of thousands of years for Earth to return Home to the Tao. In the meantime, Earth is moving into a New Dream and field rotation related to the Great Central Sun that she fell from millions of years ago and upon other dimensions of thoughtform. Read more

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Mastering Unity Within Self Study


Mastering Unity Within Self Study Program are for those individuals who feel in their hearts that they are map makers of ascension, and who desire to go inward and work with the inner landscape to transmute and transcend those patterns, thoughtforms and programs at cause of the difficult life circumstances in the dance of life. Inherent in these studies is the concept of “mirrors”; that everything in life is a mirror for some pattern and thoughtform at cause of why one has manifested any experience. In changing the patterns and thoughtform, the mirrors that one’s life presents that are discordant or unhappy can alter accordingly into a more greatly joyful, fulfilling and unity-based dance of life.


Those in the Mastering Unity Within Self Study Program will receive all current and future books from the Ascension Insights series as PDF downloads. Additionally, energetic healing and support is given to the study of the two workbooks from Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension. Workbook 1 focuses upon what it takes to create a complete biological ascension, and is helpful in understanding the nature of the ascending energy field and dream manifestation process. Workbook 2 takes the information into greater depths, exploring the emotional patterns at cause of thoughtform of disunity, competition, shame, disease, ownership and usury in the dance of life. It is in the transcendence of thoughtform that is competition based that one masters Bodhisattva level thoughtform, or compassion in action, in the act of ascension.


In addition to the study materials, Asur’Ana offers the following healings to help clear whatever patterns that you are working upon in your personal journey.


  1. Angelic Healing: Asur’Ana invokes the guidance and help of your Guardian Angels, the Archangels, your connection to the Tao or the Source, and your Higher Self to unveil the hidden causes of suffering and limitation in connecting with your own Divine Nature and vibrant health. The Angels will shower you with blessings and help you in creating a better, happier life and healthier body.


  1. Language of Light and Language of ONE Attunement and Healing: These languages are constructed based upon symbol, energetic movement, color, tone and sound to connect you to Spirit and receive healing. They activate your Higher Self, your Multidimensional being, your healing power. They open and clear your chakras, remove blockages, awaken your soul memories, build your light body, align with your Infinite Eternal Self.


  1. Special healing is offered to anchor new psychic awareness blueprints that allow for greater sensory perception to develop in the months to follow and throughout the year. This will assist you to open more greatly to your own capacity to navigate within your internal landscape. The more greatly one opens to the inner world within, the more joyful, easier and rewarding the journey of ascension becomes.

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