Image of a pretty red and white flower. Ananda Love Archive #2

Ananda Love Archive #2


The Assemblage Point System of Mirrors


Becoming the Assemblage Point of You


The assemblage point

Is a fostering of dream

Of a mirror of your life

That can show you the darkness

Plaguing your night

Or show you the lightness

Of the care and love of you

Forgive those who trespass

Rising above the delusion

Into the truth of who you are

Beyond the veils of life

So that the love of you

May fly with spirit

And soar with your soul

In the love of the whole


The Assemblage Point


The assemblage point is a focus of fostering of realization function. Assemblage points are references for you to understand you. You are the quagmire all of your own. You know who you are in each experience in life due to exploring the assemblage points of reference of the self of yourself.


There are negative and positive assemblage point references. Negative assemblage point references foster an understanding of the strife between parties in the life that is unconscious. Unconscious strife is the result of the interplay of demonic affluences through time that need to be forgiven and found compassion for. Positive assemblage point references foster the interplay of dragon affluences that trigger spirit to fly into the love of the love within. Positive assemblage point references foster divine re-interpretation of the life experience leading to the love of all.


Assemblage point references are a series of mirrors to witness yourself in the dreams of life in the internal planes of reality associated with your personal realization. The assemblage point mirrors foster the understanding of where the self of you is intertwined with the self of another so that you can release what is not sincerely of yourself. The mirrors also foster an understanding of the negative self that you harbor due to moments of strife recorded in the life since birth. The negative self can be purified and the difficult memories erased in order to allow for your personal healing through the assemblage point mirror references. A shift in assemblage points each day or week allows the negative self to be relinquished and the positive self to take flight into deeper states of internal love as divine understanding unfolds. Read more