Image of a journal to write down your dreams. Dream Journal

Keeping A Dream Journal


A dream journal can provide a great source of insight into our inner world. Keeping a dream journal is very helpful in improving our dream recall for the purposes of reflection, analysis and creating your dream life. The following steps will help you to get started.


1. A Notebook or Journal


Find a journal or notebook to record your dreams. Arrange the journal appropriately for recording.


You can use the column method: Draw a column down the middle of each journal page. Write your recollections with the label “Dream Recollections” on the left side of the page and the corresponding interpretations labelled “Dream Analysis” on the right side.


If you don’t like the column method, then you can write down the dream first and follow up with the analysis underneath it.


2. Make the Intention to Remember


Dream recall begins before you go to sleep. It doesn’t start when you wake up but before you go to bed. You need to prime your mind beforehand. Make the intention to remember your dreams upon awakening.  Read more