Image of a breathtaking Protea cynaroides flower. Ananda Love Archive #1

Ananda Love Archive #1


Blooming into the Love of the Love Within


Mastering Beyond the Division of Care and Hate


The Love of the Love Within


Is a dream

Of the life form

To foster union in life

With each in a sway

And each group that sways

In the love of the Dao and Tao

In the truth

Of the planetary Tao and Earth

And the care

Of the planetary Dao and Jupiter

In a yin and yang fostered in unison

With all of life

Through time

In an apartheid not with self


Love of the Love Within and Non-Hate      


The love of the love within is a system of forensics motion that is not non-hate. Non-hate is a state that mimics love but is not the eternal love of the Dao and Tao born within as the love of the love takes flight. Non-hate can be delightful to experience as a care of the heart, but requires hate to occur in counterbalance through time. Each swing into the extreme of care that is non-hate assures hateful encounters ahead. Polarity is a flux of division within life when the hate or darker notions arise into the dreams of life. Hate is the most divisive of notions amongst all humans. Non-hate or care does unite some and divide others. The monadic soul family must learn to rise above non-hate that appears to foster care of the heart and hate which divides and rise into the love of the love within in order to cease dividing itself through time.


Love of the love within can only be fostered as birth trauma is erased down the spine. The trauma of most births shattered the love of the love within that was experienced in the womb. The entrance into the world was a forensics shock in most cases. The non-astute delivery systems of hospitals and a non-warm water bath entrance is the main cause of the harm recorded in the nervous system. The terror of entering a world unwelcoming unto the physical departs the notion of hate and non-hate as care in lieu of love of the love within. The life fluxes between experiences of care and experiences of hated or dejection due to how the nerves repose the dreams of your entrance into the world again and again into your future life dreams.


As the body ascended, life dreams were routed into light variations of pagan lore fables while others non-ascending experienced very dark dreams in counterbalance and of parallel anthologies. This was a gift from the planetary lore fable keepers and the demons of care from the natural world who desired those ascending to succeed in health. The forensics of darker dreams can lead to disease or accidents through time. Ascension focuses ascended the body and not the nerves in light dreams that sustained health. Read more

Image of the savory passion fruit on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #11

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #11


Sojourn of Self


Sojourn of Self



The journey of the self of myself

Is to take flight in forgiveness

Of the resentment that I have carried

Throughout this life

In deep compassion for you and me

And each that has trespassed my boundaries

Causing a moment of strife

In this life

Finding my way into a state of peace

In the care and blessings

Of spirit into matter

Fostering completion with the drama in life


Sojourn of Self


The sojourn of self is a fostering of compassionate action in the life of you. The self of you is the consciousness that strives to realize something else other than resentment of others. Resentment is a festering of self in dis-achievement of itself. Self always strives to forgive and find an angle of perception that causes compassion to arise even in the most difficult of experiences through time. Resentment is an emotion that destroys self if it is not forgiven and erased. Resentment causes biological difficulties if recorded in the nerves of the biology through time.


Negative thoughts register in the spine and trigger imbalances in the nervous repose throughout the body. The imbalances lead to cold and hot spots in the organs, glands or systems that grow to be ill over time. The only way to rebalance the nerves is to forgive and erase the resentment, making peace with each that is witnessed as having trespassed upon you in some way. The peace within relaxes the nervous repose back into its health.


Self is not an oscillation that desires anything but to find compassion within itself and within you. Those who are not finding compassion lose the self that might realize something through time. The self dissipates if resentment is held on to for over four years in an attempted realization into compassionate action over a major life trauma. As self dissipates, the consciousness diminishes as does the dreams of life. Resentment blocks love from flowing in the self of the self. It is love that heals the self of yourself. It is love that heals the nerves of the biology through time of whatever ails it. It is love that fosters bigger and more beautiful dreams in the life. Resentment festers as ill and limited dreams through time, along with disease. Read more