Image of the delectable jackfruit on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #15

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #15


Truth of Self


The Truth of Self


Truth of You

The truth of me

Is not the truth of you

Nor am I the truth of the group or my nation

I love that I am

I bless each that loves in return

I care that I am

I care for those who care

I knot those who fail to care

Due to the closure of the human heart

That hurts the self of myself

I blossom in a sway divine with my Dao

In the truth of my essence within


Truth of You


The truth of you is fostered in a sway of the divine with spirit and soul that descends into matter. Spirit and soul cannot descend into a non-love status of being. There are many who desire to dance with those who love who fail to care from the heart. In the dance with others who fail to care, spirit and soul cease to descend as it hurts spirit and soul to be in a status of a system of non-care of you and them. Without love, the truth of you cannot blossom due to the loss of spirit and soul. The soul driven life cannot emerge in the loss of care of the human systems unless you choose to love and bless only those who care in return. Love and bless you. Love and bless those who care in return. Love the self of you until soul and spirit descend to foster the truth of you into a living play of deep care of the heart of the soul family.


Tao fosters the truth of you within. The truth of you is not complete until it is actualized into the dreams of life. Truth is a circle all of its own. Truth blossoms within as you contemplate over why you fail to love each and yourself. As you love you and love each, truth bubbles up in the heart sway of self.


As the heart sways, you bless each who cares and also those who trespassed upon you in life who do not care for you. As you bless those who trespassed, they cease to affluence your mind into a mind bend of the non-divine. As you love you, truth bubbles up in a larger circumference of affluence over your life stream. Love of you calls spirit and soul to be present within the sway with your Dao within. As the Dao of your heart sways with you, you learn to cease to bless those who cannot love you in return as it hurts your heart and the Dao of you. Read more