Image of a serene scene in nature with clouds partially covering the sun. Shakti Relationship Lore #5

Shakti Relationship Lore #5


The Surrogate Spouse


The Lore of a Love of Naught


Harmony Within

The peace of the Soul

Ignites a foray

Of a theory

Of the masculine

To disregard the feminine

Only to surrender

Unto the tantric flow

Inaugurating a season

Of the beautification of the Divine

In all life forms

In the postulation of truth

Igniting the Love of the Love Within

Between the two


Lore Fables of Dark Happenstance


This is the second of a very dark lore of happenstance of union. Dark lore numbers four fables of happenstance of deep sadness of dream of the two. Some dark lore affects the female in union or the divine feminine within of the male. Yet other dark lore affects the male in union or the inner masculine of the female. However dark lore transpires, there is a gift of a deep spiritual level of achievement possible as the lore concludes and forgiveness blossoms.


Conclusion of lore occurs in many variables of hypothesis of a given union. Hypothesis of unions are prose poetry that inaugurate a system of self that aspires to dream the fable of the lore in the given life. Lore fables of dark happenstance are those of strife. This is an example of the lore fable of this particular union of the dejection of self. The prose above and at the end of this chapter is to renunciate the difficult lore so that completion can occur and the love of self re-inagurate within.


Dejection and Withdrawal


The lore of the union

Is a foray of the non-divine

In which the male dejects the female

In the estuary of self

In a destiny of the non-sublime Read more