Image of a beautiful aurora borealis in Norway.

3. Assertions for Light Transfusion


Light Transfusion


The Assertion

Is a light wave notion

That fosters a motion

That transfuses you

Into the self of you

And not someone else

In deep care of the heart

In a fostering of truth

Of the Tao of your heart

And the care of

The Dao of the archetype

In a transfusion lore fable

Of the Baba stories of life

In the love of the two

And the many

In soul family configurations

Of fate


Assertions for Transfusion in Peace


There are many assertions that support transfusion. Assertions are a fostering of transfusion gates. If the transfusion gates are not present, assertions have little effect. Transfusion gates are regional along with personal at this time of birth of light wave synergy of field. Those motioning into transfusion are of self-realization caliber of fostering of the spiritual thresholds of mastery in this cycle. Assertions have little effect upon those who are not self-realizing. Assertions foster a light wave notion that affects the transfusion systems of self. Transfusion systems of self develop as each motions beyond the two hundredth parallel in octave. The two hundredth parallel is twenty-seven hundred octaves. Rising to this level requires an infusion light quotient of seventy-four percent into the biological structure of the physical.


Assertions affect the transfusion systems of life form. As you transfuse, you touch upon the life form levels above the physical. Life form resides outside of the subtle body of self striations of field. Life form modulates transfusion along with renewal of the physical and life dreams. Transfusion causes a direct connection between the second level life form at the two hundredth parallel of octave. At the four hundred parallel, transfusion causes a direct connection and interplay with the second level life form. The third level life form is reached only as the eight hundred parallel is transfused into requiring an eighty-six percent light infusion quotient to be fostered by the physical.


Assertions foster an instant transfiguration over the light wave motion of field that affect the psyche and emotions of the physical. Assertions that are needed have a positive effect on the mental and emotional states of you. Assertions re-align the light motion to foster beautiful dreams of the life and in association with others in soul family exchanges. Assertions can also affect those of non-soul family origins as the dreams realign upon the field of those light synthesizing in this cycle. Many aspirants today light transfuse into the two hundredth octave in this time period. Those light motioning underneath the two hundredth parallel are many and can foster beautiful dreams together with those syncopating in transfusion gates and utilizing assertions daily. Assertions require daily focus but only once per stanza of support required.      Read more

Image of brilliant light in the middle of turquoise concentric waves. Dragon Prose

Dragon Prose


Ckanton of Association


I am the dragon

Of the dragon realm

Of an association Divine

That seeks to synergize

In all aspirations now and anew

In a forensic play

Of a Divine day

In which the birth of a new era may unfold

In a synergistic foreplay

Of a sensual ecstatic reunion

Of the truth of the testimony

Of the Soul and physical

Reunited in a configuration

Of Love


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