Image of an exquisite blue water lily with a yellow center. Mindset Development #6

Mindset Development #6


Atlantean Seeds


Fostering Light Wave Sway


The Atlantean Seeds


I am that I am

A fostering from Atlantis

Seeded through time

To sway in light wave DNA

With my soul family

And foster light wave dreams

In an incantation divine

Of the planetary Tao

Who fosters renewal into my youth

In this life of mine

In light wave motion of field

Into another level of spiritual mastery

Of realizing myself through time


Atlantean Seeds: Sprouts of DNA from the Past into the Now  


The Atlantean Seeds are soon to sprout. Are you an Atlantean Seed? Atlantean Seeds were spawned in this time period to foster a recollection of light wave motion of field in order to grow light wave DNA in the physical and in the now. There are approximately forty thousand Atlantean seeds incarnate today as adults. There are another thirty thousand Atlantean Seeds incarnate as children or teenagers. There is another sixty thousand Atlantean Seeds to enter the world in the coming thirty years. The Atlantean Seeds are to sprout light wave DNA and mindset develop into another level of mastery that is destined to self-realize in some cases.


The Atlantean seeds are incarnate in pockets in regions that host light gates worldwide. There are those nearby that can foster partnerships or friendships of a kinship of fellow Seeds. Some families of Atlantean seeds will form, but most adults are the first generation to sprout in this cycle of light motion upon Earth. The entire purpose of the Atlantean Seeding of DNA is to foster a certain level of mastery of the mindset and also to cause self-realization to foster another bandwidth of thought-stream that is planetary in its effect over the whole of humanity. Those seeded may not know who you are yet. As the seed sprouts, another life begins to unfold of another level of mastery known as “self-development”.


There are also part-seeds of Atlantean thresholds of light motion aptitude that are already sprouting at this time. Those of part-seed Atlantean DNA may not mindset develop as much as learn to motion light and transfuse the body into an infused state of light that renews and revitalizes the life for a longer lifespan through time. Light motion DNA is a very beautiful derivation of mastery also to foster in your life. Part seeds sprout first; and full seeds take flight after the part seeded DNA has grown in the body. The part Atlantean Seed DNA fosters light motion into the cells of the body but not the mind. The full Atlantean Seed DNA sprouts as another layer of cortex of the mind that grows to cause mindset development in the life. Read more