Image of the Wheel of Eternal Virtues of KalA.

Eternal Virtues of KalA


Image Copyright: ‘Wheel of the Virtues’ (cropped image of the original), E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas at Arhayas Productions


The Eternal Virtues of KalA represent not only a Set of Eternal Krystic Values and Qualities that one can use as tools for more rapid attainment of Krystic Enlightenment, but also represent Eternal Living Consciousness Fields that exist within the Aurora Continuum, and which interface between the “Outer Radon Domains” and the “Middle Edon Domains” through the Eternal Flame of the Cos-MA-yah.


Wheel of the Virtues


The “Wheel of the Virtues” is a conscious, Living, Eternal Radiation Field and Collective of Eternal Consciousness that interfaces between outer Radon Domains and Middle Edon Domains through the Aurora Continuum. The Collective Identity of this Eternal Consciousness is referred to as: “THE VIRTUES”.


Access to the “Wheel of the Virtues” allows progressive embodiment and conscious assimilation of the vast Eternal Cognitions inherent to these Fields of Consciousness through which one may progressively transcend the “illusions and delusions” of “negative limited mortal ego” and enter more rapidly into the experiential realms of Eternal Krystic Cognition.  Read more