Image of a noble Buddha sitting in the middle of the cosmos. The Ascensions of the Seven Buddhas

9. The Ascensions of the Seven Buddhas


We the collective consciousness of Buddha wish to speak forth today. We represent the amalgamated consciousness of seven incarnations of what those in the East have called Buddha. At a recent Asur’Ana and Per’s Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) workshop, the records were gathered through dreamtime in Australia from Tibet where our ascensions took place long ago in terms of grids and ley lines of Earth.


The group at this workshop was working upon eastern and western patterning and creating an ascending blueprint for harmonizing the two variant dances in terms of energy flow. Lo and behold the records of our ascensions surfaced as the group harmonized and moved into a new dream that we ascended from long ago. There is also a strong connection between Tibet and Australia from Lemurian time periods in which the eastern and western civilizations intermixed; and many of Chinese descent had long lasting relationships with those in Lemuria. The interconnection allowed for our history and ascensions to be retrieved and added to the ancestral archives of the surface of the Earth and Inner Earth alike.


The Purpose of Our Ascensions


Our ascensions occurred over a 15,000-Earth year period (60,000 human years) from 22,000 Earth years (88,000 human years) ago when the last Buddha ascended up through 37,000 Earth years ago (148,000 human years) and just following the collapse of the ice shields forming your oceans as you know them. We will write a little more about our individual ascensions to follow. The purpose of our ascensions was to repair the energetic damage to Terra’s field; and we did accomplish this somewhat but also created a large problem. The last of our consciousness to ascend has written an essay about his life and evolution from an ascension perspective; and we bless him along with each that reads of our sharing. We have been recovered in a third dimensional sense and had become trapped upon a fourth dimensional level.


None of us survived very long following our ascensions into the fourth dimension. Now we understand that Mother Earth was not really prepared to sustain life upon her surface in the fourth dimension; and so, there was not enough life force to sustain our existence. Only one of us managed to live for 20 years; and it was a lonely existence as no one else followed us to our destination when we were clearly told by all guidance in the third dimension that this would not be so. We have been crying buckets of tears in our bardo that are yet not complete; as we never received our life review in the fourth dimension.


The forces there appeared uninterested and we could not communicate with those we left behind in the third dimension due to the heavy mirrors that create a barrier between the two. And so, it has been a vacuum of existence more or less until our recovery and due to a small group of Asian participants in the DAS dreamtime workshop. We bless each of you that gathered us back as no ancestor desires to be left behind; and thank you as now we can carry on as consciousness and contribute ascension information to those that are of grand master or larger headed lineages. Read more