Image of two flying bats with a full moon in the background. The Bats in the Belfry

7. The Bats in the Belfry


Blessings for Transcendence


The Bat Kingdom


The Bat Kingdom is pleased to be able to share of our insights about ascension upon Earth and within the human species through our channel or translator Asur’Ana. The Bat Kingdom has always been special to Asur’Ana and represented the death, rebirth and reincarnation cycles upon Earth. Indeed, we have held this responsibility for the nature kingdoms, keeping track of karmic exchanges in the dance of life between cycles.


Humanity, Dolphin and Whale Owed Earth Much Karmic Debt


Nature does not record karma in an individuated manner as humankind or the whale and dolphin species. Instead, nature records karma as energetic dances that occur and recur between kingdoms. For example, the kingdom of horse holds a particular energy flow global wide that empowers Earth’s ascension. This includes many species including Manta Ray in the underwater realms, Zebra and nineteen other aquatic and mammal kingdoms. For a time, horse and all associated will play this role, and in so doing they will incur a debt for so doing. Into the future and as horse et al is complete with this particular energetic dance, other kingdoms will take it over allowing horse to experience another global role. In so doing, the debt is then settled as another kingdom fulfills upon horse’s current purpose in association with global energy flow.


In essence, nature does not experience extreme polarity within its own experience of karma. Instead, there is balanced giving and receiving between kingdoms with each pulling their own weight to support the energy flow of the whole. In so doing, there is no real “debt” between kingdoms in terms of how humanity understands karmic debt. Humanity knows only extremes in karma both with Earth and amongst one another. Such debt is due to failing to support the whole of Earth over time. In so doing, there is a great debt due to the manner in which humanity has endangered Earth as a global vessel in terms of the continuation of life; along with the manner in which your species has raided Earth’s resources. Such a debt is lengthy and problematic in Bat’s estimation.


Why is this so? For a long time, it was estimated that the debt between humanity and Earth was so great that no human could ascend; that all humans would have to go extinct in the times of cleansing. Over time and as records were opened and revealed through small numbers who attempted human ascension, the debt lessened as other kingdoms were uncovered as being partially responsible for Earth’s demise. Much like Earth herself who has taken on solar karma from other planets adding to an already burdened plate, humanity took responsibility for the karma of other species in association with the global falls in consciousness that Earth has experienced since human seeding.


What other kingdoms hold responsibility for perpetrating global harm? Whales and dolphins have been uncovered as responsible for Earth’s demise; not so much upon a global level, but upon a solar level. Uranus and Neptune host dolphin and whale form in the etheric only blueprint. These etheric kingdoms have been found responsible for allowing karma and density to be displaced upon Earth, and for enabling Earth’s field to be shredded. As such, whales and dolphins hold a load of karma in association with Earth for many multidimensional falls in consciousness from more ancient times in Earth’s history outside of the Great Central Sun. Read more