Image of Christ and Buddha with the globe of Earth in the middle of them. Christ And Buddha Are ONE

9. Christ And Buddha Are ONE


Many have equated Sananda and Matreiya with the incarnation of Jesus Christ. It may interest our readership to know that this is a distortion that was added to the Cosmic Unconscious plane of reality. Sananda has held the position of Cosmic Christ and Matreiya the position of Planetary Christ. They have been affiliated with the Christ vibrations. The distortion of these vibrations is currently under repair by the Order of Dari.


The man Jesus Christ, along with Buddha, and the incarnation known as Rama were each direct extensions of the Godhead/Goddesshead of this Creation (RAMA) who did not travel through the distortion of your cosmos to take embodiments upon Earth. They had no relationship to either Sananda or Matreiya. The purpose of Lord/Lady Rama sending in extensions of him/herself to Earth was to see if (s)he could reverse the distortion within hiers own creation of hiers own accord.


Many may not understand that the lifetimes of such beings as Jesus, Buddha and Rama were created through a collaboration of many souls who came together to co-create these particular lifetimes. In each of these incarnations, more than 300 souls were involved in varying capacities to bring forth their respective biological ascensions. Each of the 300 souls involved were from outside of the distortion held within your creation. Some of the souls incarnated into the form from birth or held the embodiment for certain portions of the lifetime and some overshadowed the form until it ascended.


The Kumaras’ Manipulation


The Cosmic Unconscious revealed some interesting facts about these lifetimes that we now share. As Buddha biologically ascended about 34,000 years ago, the Kumaras fully infected the genetic patterning of the human form. This was not Buddha’s fault. The genetic material that he embodied (much like Rama’s incarnation and ascension) did not allow for the entire unification of the unconscious planes of reality. Through the unconscious plane of reality, the seven Kumaras altered the human DNA to further manipulate and control humanity.


As an initiate moves through their initiations in the ascension process, the archives of genetic material previously inaccessible becomes accessible. During this process, forces of the dark can manipulate or distort the genetic blueprint. This occurred during both Rama’s and Buddha’s biological ascensions during their respective incarnations. As a result, the Order of Dari have brought forth a corrected blueprint for the human form in the ascension process that is devoid of the distortions and manipulations of the Kumaras or any other force of the dark that has prevailed upon Earth. These new records are sealed and only accessible by the Order of Dari at this time. This is simply to prevent further distortion of the corrected blueprint, for there are still those present upon Earth who would like to prevent any form of ascension whatsoever. This information is given to initiates as needed after they have passed each segment of tests in their own initiation process. Read more