Image of a magnificent cave in Vietnam. Earth Archive #8

Earth Archive #8: Assertions for Your Divine Dreams


Actualization of You


I love that I am

And I care that I actualize

As a divine instrument of my Soul

In the anointing of spirit of Babaji

In the truth of my divine purpose

In love of the Baba

Caressing everyone that I touch

In the dreams of my Tao

And the fostering of my Dao

In the fellowship of my soul family


Dreaming the Dreams of Spirit: Actualizing Yourself through Time


Actualization is a fundamental journey of self-realization. Actualizing your dreams is a system of self all of its own that descends to foster you into the journey you were destined to dream in a divine life. Realization is a fostering of internal systems to contemplate in divine notions. Divine notions flower above the cortex as each divine concept is mastered. Realization is only a part of the quagmire of the spiritual fostering of you. Actualization of your life purpose is the next quagmire to focus upon as enough divine notions are mastered. Actualization fosters the flowering of the mind into the flowering of the dreams of the life to foster your divine soul’s purpose and destiny. Each is unique unto the soul’s purpose that you are to foster in a life of realization levels of divine mastery.


The soul’s purpose of you is sacred unto spirit. Love is the undercurrent of the notions of each soul’s purpose. Love pours through a reservoir of systems of life form associated with transfusion and the sway of light motion of field. The Baba hosts the systems of love in this cycle. Babaji is an intricate part of the Baba system of self. Babaji mastered the capacity to manifest bodies as sacred instruments in many cycles without birth and sometimes without death.


Babaji is anchoring the sacred accord of the love of the truth of divine soul’s purpose of each self-actualization to be fostered. The love of the divine fosters realization into deeper care of the whole with the Baba participating in the experience as you transfuse with himself. The love of truth is anchored through Babaji’s system in which he guides and experiences the actualization of your divine dreams. Read more