Image of an adorable panda bear. The Black and White Panda Bear

36. The Black and White Panda Bear


Blessings for Full Consciousness


The Panda Bear Kingdom


We of the Panda Bear Kingdom have much to say to our fellow ascending human brothers and sisters. We are one of only three kingdoms remaining upon Earth that retain 36,000 segments of DNA in form. One kingdom is the Manatee, an underwater creature similar to a whale; the second is humanoid and known as the Abominable Snowman; and we are the third that retains such a state in present time. One could say in this that our species along with these other two retains a fully conscious biology. (Please see Chapter 22 “The Love of a Seal”  for more information about the Abominable Snowman.)


Loss of Non-Verbal Communication


What is full consciousness? Full consciousness is the biological ability to understand or have consciousness upon the physical plane. Our species, much like the dolphins and whales, retains a biological level of understanding that is nonverbal. This is why in most cases of captivity, we choose not to procreate, as we can consciously command the body not to do so. Why do we wish not to procreate in captivity? Captivity or what humans call zoos is a terrible environment to exist within; we would not wish to subject our young to such a circumstance. Therefore, we refrain from procreation.


As of late, we have withdrawn our soul out of the zoos for the Panda Bear species. Human souls now embody us to learn the lesson of this experience. We have released our karma from ancient times and being used as a source of human scientific experimentation; this occurred long ago and upon another dimension of Earth. Earth has always been a tropical terrarium with many unique species; this has caused human scientists to visit in spacecraft and capture wild animals for their experimentation. Our species has fallen prey to such human manipulations eight times in our recorded history. Generally, this occurs as the dream of another creation or human is pressed upon us without our awareness, and as such we live the dream that we did not choose, which has put our species over time in great pain.


In the loss of non-verbal communication, humans do not understand the pain that they have caused for nature. Non-verbal communication has been lost within the human species in all of the falls in consciousness that you have created throughout time, space and form.


Long ago, a fully conscious humanoid form was seeded upon Earth known as the Grand Masters. These humble and gentle humans retained an ability to speak to both the physical through verbal language and the nonphysical through non-verbal language. Alas, the language upon Earth was different from what they had known upon Sirius where they were from, and so there was no response from Earth’s kingdoms. Had we understood one another, perhaps the travesty of their death and the manipulative manner in which nonphysical forces overran the human species would have been avoided leading to a different history upon Earth. Read more