Image of a pretty yellow calcite mineral. Blessings for the Breath of Life and the Yellow Ray of Co-Creation

11. Blessings for the Breath of Life and the Yellow Ray of Co-Creation


From the Calcite Mineral Kingdom


The Calcite Mineral Kingdom addresses you today. Calcite holds the ray associated with Breath of Life in the Language of Light. We are related to other tones in the Language of Light scale known as Hope which is held by Pyrite; Friendship which is held by Peridot and Community which is held by Desert Rose. All of these tones have to do with creative fulfillment, whether the dream is of some form of art or creative self-expression, the creation of friendship or beloved, or the creation of ascending community, or the creation of the ascending life. This is the purpose of the yellow ray; to allow for the self-expression of the individual, couples, friends or the group.


The Import of the Breath of Life


Breath of life was so beautifully described by the Acacia Trees. Breath of life involves a step greater than the development of the crystalline diaphragm. The crystalline diaphragm grows outside the rib cage and creates pockets through which oxygen is collected as it is gathered by the lungs and converted to blood sugar to feed a higher metabolic rate associated with unity biology.


Unity biology consumed up to one hundred times the blood sugar of a non-ascending human at 3,000 segments; and five hundred times the blood sugar at Bodhisattva level vibration (6,000-9,000 segments of DNA). The body requires so much more blood sugar than a non-ascending human that it is difficult to consume enough food source in any given day to provide the required calories. The body learns to gather enough oxygen in any given day and convert it to sugar to feed itself. (Please refer to Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 11 “Blessings for the Return of the Conscious Breath” for more information.)


There is a technique called “Conscious Breath”. Asur’Ana and Per teach this technique to those who study with them in dreamtime. Through conscious breath, you can gather all the oxygen you require through each out breath of the etheric body. The physical and etheric bodies operate upon opposite elements associated with the air. The etheric body requires carbon dioxide to feed the etheric cellular structure and the physical body requires oxygen.


The etheric body exhales oxygen that it does not require; while the physical body exhales carbon dioxide. As you align the in breath and out breath between physical and etheric, the etheric will provide oxygen for the physical; and the physical will provide carbon dioxide for the etheric life. This is the first step back towards a self-sustaining energy system that was once known long ago within the Great Central Sun. Read more