Image of a lovely whale painting in which the universe is within its body. Mastering One’s Own Destiny

6. Mastering One’s Own Destiny


The Whale and Dolphin Kingdoms have much to say to our ascending human initiates at this time in particular of global ascension transition and transformation. Now is the time for all initiates to take full responsibility for one’s own destiny. If one fails to begin to consciously intend not only one’s ascension, but one’s life dream and dance upon a daily basis, one will now become subject to the underlying and unconscious pull towards death that predominates over the human dream during this time of cleansing. Such a dream is being brought to fruition by Mother Earth so that she may ascend.


At this time, humans are being prepared for cleansing from the Earth plane. The vast majority of humans (roughly 60%) are not capable of moving through the impending changes required to ascend into the fourth dimension. Map makers have tried to create a map suitable for a mass ascent of humanity and have devoted the past five years of focus and attention to such a pursuit. Much of such map carving proved to be fruitless in relation to certain lineages that much of humanity is related to.


Much of humanity is associated with thoughtform and genetics that come from another planet and are related to a slave race originating in a laboratory of Pleiadian and Orion design. Such human genetics are radioactive and electrical and not suited to a magnetic creation that Earth resides within. All attempts to create a bridge from radioactive to magnetic energy flow and genetics for those humans without ancient red inheritance has failed. Those therefore who’s ancestry dead-ends either in slave inheritance, Pleiadian or Orion form is destined to complete through death at this time for lieu of any other option available.


Although this appears sad upon the surface, we guide our human brothers and sisters not to mourn. Consciousness carries forward. Those humans who complete in death will carry on. All will go back in the nonphysical to the Pleiades or Orion if their predominant lineages originate there. They will join the dance that is carrying on in such creations and in human, dolphin or whale form. For we too have such lineages and about 30% of our populace is also completing through death. Such human, whale and dolphin consciousness will have witnessed the difficulties and struggles inherent in Earth’s choice to ascend, and carry such wisdom to the Pleiades and Orion. In due course, the Pleiades and Orion will ascend home also, and such humans will carry with them the necessary remembrance to fuel the awakening necessary for their own ascensions. Therefore, it is all as it should be and needs to be, beloved.


Holographic Communication and Knowledge


We guide our human ascending brothers and sisters to tune inward and open to the inner world within one’s hologram. The hologram sits within the heart chakra. All kingdoms upon Earth have returned to holographic communication. There are no longer traveling Light Bodies. Light Bodies remain around all form and communication and travel now occurs holographically. Holographic communication and travel is a wonderful manner to relate, for all that one knows, all others know instantaneously, as such is the nature of holographic communication. To the degree that each human initiate can open to their holographic knowing, to such a degree one will know all that all kingdoms understand, to the degree that one can attune to such knowledge in vibration. Read more