Image of an inquisitive looking goose. The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg of Unity

29. The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg of Unity


Blessings for Divine Union and Communion


The Goose Species


The Goose Kingdom has much to say to ascending human initiates today. Goose much like the Swan Kingdom shares responsibility for holding the gate for human ascension and represents the holographic archetypal pattern of Divine Union Bearer in the new astrology for ascension. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth”  for more information on these new holographic archetypes.)


Humans Existed in a Separate Dream from Earth


What is Divine Union? Divine union is a dance of energy that prevails over the field that allows Earth, the consciousness of form and Soul or one’s I AM Presence, Oversoul and Source to commune together for the common experience of life upon the physical plane. Long ago, humanity lost its interrelatedness to all of life upon Earth and its connection to soul. How this occurred is now becoming better understood through the gathering of ancient human records through human ascensions at this time in history.


Long ago and in ancient times, soul danced with human form that had been seeded from a third dimensional planet known as Sirius. However, human form danced not with Earth, as there was no agreement for a relationship between humanity and Earth. Instead, human form continued to dance with Sirius, and because Sirius appeared much like Earth 200,000 years ago and in the third dimension, humans felt as though they communed with Earth and her nature kingdoms. In reality, they were communing with Sirian nature kingdoms while living upon Earth.


Here Goose perceives the problem of humans traveling long distances upon spacecraft and entering other creations where parallel consensus realities exist. Such consensus realities may look and feel similar to “home” or wherever the human originates; but they are in a different creation and have different agreements. Humans have by and large assumed that they could live anywhere that they chose given the technology that they had. Alas, if there is no agreement for their existence upon a particular planet, then humans moving and living in such a place have no place in the dream or consensus reality of such a planet. So, this occurred between humans and Earth long ago.


It is this truth, that humans have existed in a separate dream from Earth, that is the main cause of the feelings of separation between humankind and Earth in the perception of Goose. The separation comes from no interconnection or grounding unto Earth, but a grounding instead to a parallel dream from Sirius anchored around Earth for humans to exist within. There may be parallel species upon Sirius such as dragonfly, horse, goose and pig that humans upon Earth recognize; but such species dancing upon Earth have no relationship to the dream of their relations dancing upon Sirius. Read more

Image of several ants crawling on a magenta colored flower bud. The Busy Ants

3. The Busy Ants


Blessings of Unity and Balance


The Ant Kingdom


The Ant Kingdom has much to say to those reading of our book. We are honored to work with Asur’Ana, and must say that she has been aware of our presence many a time in her life. Once we invaded her home shortly after her then husband moved in with her. Our invasion mirrored unto her how she was being invaded and that perhaps the choice was not such a good one. However, she felt obligated to give the relationship a try given that there was karma between their ancestry that needed to be cleared; and it took another 5 years to move him out! However, karma was completed upon and understood in the dance, leading to spiritual growth and evolution, however unpleasant the experience may have been.


As an ascending human, understanding the spiritual lessons and purpose that one’s life experiences teach is of the utmost importance. For it is only as one learns the lesson behind any particular manifestation, regardless of how painful it might be, that one can release the karma in full so that it need not recur again in one’s own life, or in the future life of one’s ancestors yet unborn. Asur’Ana entered the dance with her ex-husband and learned the lessons behind the experience, as already she had opened unto her unconscious through the teachings of her spiritual teacher, who focused upon the development of clairvoyant skills.


Understanding the Unconscious


Clairvoyance is not necessary to perceiving the unconscious, as Asur’Ana has lacked a clear ability to perceive clairvoyantly her entire ascent. Even now she struggles to get clear pictures with her inner eye, as her pineal gland was so scarred and damaged due to many manipulations to her ancestry by the red false gods. This is now on the mend; however, there are many means of knowing. At the time Asur’Ana studied with her teacher, she was told to read from her crown chakra rather than her third eye. This allowed Asur’Ana to suddenly “know” what the dance in the unconscious was. In time, she became the most gifted reader in the class, and one that her teacher turned to each day for readings herself to understand her own dilemmas.


Therefore, understand that the unconscious does not require an ability to see per se to be understood. One can intend to know by reading through the crown like Asur’Ana. Later, Asur’Ana learned to attune to her heart where she found that there was a direct connection to something that would guide her out of the most difficult ascension related circumstances, and often painful energetic dances. This source became very important as Asur’Ana herself separated from her own teacher, and had no one else to rely upon.


This was also an important journey for Asur’Ana, as the karma with her teacher was complete, and it was time for her to fly on her own. And so, she developed her own internal knowing great enough to lead her through all of her initiations without any outside guidance whatsoever, as there were no other map makers at the time present in her life to share with. Like Asur’Ana, each may also attune inward and listen to one’s heart for personal guidance that shall lead one Home. Read more

Image of the children silhouette along a beach with a golden orange sun in the background. Earth’s Perspective On Autism, The Indigo Children, And Ascension

11. Earth’s Perspective On Autism, The Indigo Children, And Ascension


Earth has completed in this year of 2021 with a focus upon karma associated with slavery, subordination, insanity, and deformity. The purpose of this focus was to release all global karma and thoughtform associated so that a new dream of biological unity could be anchored. The male and female energies upon Earth were united into the flame of Divine Union within the heart chakra of Earth as the karma was released in full. The flame of Divine Union has been ignited and shines brightly in the Aurora of Earth! In so doing, there is a greater state of soul infusion and direction on the part of the Great Central Sun for Earth as a global consciousness and vessel.


The Flame of Divine Union


We are returning unto the Great Central Sun, beloved. This shift is bringing about new Great Central Sun counsels anchored now within the Aurora of Earth to oversee the ascension of each sentient species, including fully conscious ascension in human, dolphin and whale form. One may attune to such counsels for rectification in karmic disputes, or for greater understanding of one’s spiritual purpose and life lessons.


The new flame of Divine Union creates a global kundalini energy flow that now exchanges energy with the Great Central Sun; as such there is an ongoing movement of photonic energy between Earth’s Aurora and Core and the Great Central Sun. The recent explosion of light emanating from the Aurora as perceived as the “Northern Lights” is indeed the result of this shift. The lights are not from the solar sun, but from the inside of Earth as it emanates through caverns that emerge into Earth’s surface in the North Pole. Earth is heating up and shall continue to do so into the decade ahead!


In this chapter, we wish to explore the records assembled from this year worth of karmic release. Each year a special group of map makers join us in dreamtime to contribute their personal ascension to better understanding the history of humanity in association with Earth. We honor each in this dreamtime program past and present, as ascension is not an easy path and it takes great fortitude and dedication to push forth contributing to such a goal.


Human Genealogical Planes Opened


The genealogical planes have been opened. Earth now has the capacity to trace specific inheritances down the ancestral tapestry for a better understanding of what information each human, whale or dolphin has received from birth, or what information shall be received on the part of incoming children constructing a body in the womb. This shall allow better boundaries surrounding ascension such that the problems associated with false ascension cease to be a future dilemma. Read more