Image of a splendid lavender hued sunset at the beach. Earth Archive #5

Earth Archive #5: Practical Self Assertions To Foster Your Life


Assertions for Your Life


The assertion of you

Is to be in you

And not in anyone else

To foster your life

And not anyone else’s life

In the love of the Tao

In the care of the Dao

In the life form of yourself

And not anybody else’s life form

In the care of the whole of Earth


Simple Assertions: Fostering the Self for the Dreams of Life


Simple assertions redirect the self of the self to striate into notions that cause dreams to align as you design them within and in your life. Simple assertions are not complex but need to be programmed into the psyche. The psyche is a mechanism that resides above the cortex of the mind. The mind is the psyche. The heart mind interplay occurs in the psyche to align the emotions with the thoughts directing the life. The psyche forms as octaves 1,800 are transfused through. A light quotient of 65 percent is required infused into the biology in order for the psyche to form. As the psyche forms, assertions and prose prevail to direct the life. The psyche directs the dreams of life through intention. Intention is conscious. Assertions are subconscious. Prose incantations to foster the dreams are also subconscious in stature of direction.


Assertions and prose realign the self of the self in positive striations to direct dreams into positive endeavors each day, week and month lived. A 65 percent light infusion level requires a primarily vegan diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates to maintain the life in health. Fresh fruits and vegetables and juices are a daily requirement to maintain the health of the blood.


The blood becomes the measure of health in light motion of field. Blood is measured in the ethereal in the subtle body. If the blood is golden, then it is healthy. If the blood begins to foster other colors such as grey to brown, it is unhealthy and requires purification. Unhealthy self attracts dreams of strive and negative emotional responses such as anger, depression or suicidal feelings. Unhealthy self can be purified through transfusion. Purification requires white, ivory, silver and gold striations to form to melt the dark colors to allow the self of the self to remain well as each series of octaves are mastered through time.


Purification occurs from the physical up as it is infused at the 65 percent light thresholds of self. As the body transfuses, the light motions up and purifies the blood of the subtle body to sustain health through time. The physical blood also purifies through light motions of field. The physical blood requires certain nutrients to foster recurrent health. Read more

6. Language Of Light And Herbs



Echinacea Purpurea





Herb: Echinacea Purpurea    

Echinacea Purpurea assists initiates in releasing cellular trauma during the transmutative process of ascension. In essence, this herb assists initiates in the act of biological forgiveness. Cellular trauma is recorded in a particular biochemistry that is often related to viruses and disease. As such trauma is released, it is not unusual for some initiates to become ill or feel ill. Echinacea will assist in boosting the immune systems at such times for a more rapid biological transcendence through the trauma.



Saw Palmetto





Herb: Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto will assist initiates in ascending into a new structure upon a biological level, which is crystalline. Saw Palmetto assists with the transmutative process during which the cell recomposes itself into a new genetic structure. In a deep way, Saw Palmetto is acting as a bridge to assure that the new crystalline genetic structure becomes physical in the act of biological ascension. Those who have difficulty bringing the ascension into the physical may therefore call upon our kingdom for support, or ingest our herb if one is so guided from within.








Herb: Ginger

Ginger assists initiates in increasing the metabolism of the digestion and cells in the act of ascension. Ascension requires that crystalline cells continue to consume more and more sugar as the entire form moves up in vibration. Ginger will trigger the cells to consume more so that one’s biology may continue to ascend. Ginger is a good tonic herb that can be added to the diet daily if desired. Read more