Image of a dark brown bear sitting on the shallow river water. The Bear News

4. The Bear News


Blessings of Synthesis, Harmony and Healing


The Bear Kingdom


The Bear Kingdom has much to say to ascending human initiates. Bear oversees the healing offered by all species upon Earth. Each species holds tones or vibrations known as the Language of Light, whether they be plant, animal or mineral in nature. Each species administers tones to those who so choose to connect. Connection with each species can come through the physical contact or seeing such species in nature, or through communing via intent of will. In the contact, each species has the capacity to administer tones that will support one’s ascension and aid one in coming to balance. (Please see Chapter 3 of Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3 of the Ascension Insights series for more information on the Language of Light.)


Each Land Species Has an Oceanic Counterpart


Each species is global in nature, with global representatives in form on all continents or within the oceans. Most land species have relatives in the oceans that allow for a global physical presence. One may be surprised to understand that Eagle is related to porpoise, which should not be confused with Dolphins and Whales. Porpoise is a smaller version of Dolphin that is not fully conscious at this time, but striving to become so in the attainment of initiations by 2070. Eagle and Porpoise work together synonymously for the same purpose, and will give on the same advice and tones if connected to. As this is so for Eagle, it is also so for each land mammal we will be writing about in this section.


Indeed, Horse is related to the Manta Ray kingdom that often appears as large birds or bats flying under the water. Owl is related to the Eel kingdom.


Why does each species upon the land have a related counterpart in the ocean? As the oceans were formed, the animals that were the guardians of the land were unable to manage whatever land lay under the ocean. Over time, and with the seeding of your oceans by the Annanuki, each species chose a related form to manage the energy of the land that the oceans lie upon. The energy between such kingdoms is a united force such that each species can have global presence.


Each species choosing full consciousness upon the land will also choose full consciousness in the water. This is not so for all, but for some. Of those we have written of thus far, Eagle, Horse and Bear along with their related counterparts in the ocean shall all become fully conscious in time. Although there will be two different forms, the purpose for each form will remain the same, and will allow individuated souls and light bodies to be formed therein. Each light body will support Earth into the phases of ascension beyond 2070. Read more