Image of succulent star fruits on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #7

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #7


Spontaneity of Self


Spontaneity of Self



The graciousness of myself

Is in honor of yourself

In a sway with me

And a sway with you

In a motion of healing

The grief of the heart

In the compassion of the one or the two

And the love of the three or the many

That needs to witness

The karmic drama of yourself

In order for you to forgive and heal within


Spontaneity of Self


The spontaneity of self is a fostering of healing through sharing of the dreams of life. In the sharing of a difficult life happenstance, spontaneity of self realigns the minds of each into striations of rays that humor, understand and re-interpret an incident into a thought-stream that allows forgiveness and compassionate healing to unfold within. Spontaneity of self causes a healing encounter whenever it unfolds. The love of each is witnessed allowing a part of the wounded heart to mend within one or many in the sharing of the sway of healing together. Spontaneity of self causes a sway of healing between the two or many.


Spontaneity is a fostering of spirit to channel through the physical of its understanding of a broader perspective over a given circumstance experienced through time. Spirit fosters knowing, appreciation, care and truth sincere unto the self of each. Each has a unique self to express through time. Each self has its own interpretation and understanding of the undercurrent of cause and effect that afflicts and blesses each life. Each self has capacity to witness and understand and interpret others from a point of reference of care of the heart to allow healing and compassion to unfold. The love of each aids one in finding their way through the quagmires of their own journey of self-realization into deeper compassion of the heart over severe life circumstances in need of healing within.


Spontaneity is also a journey of the divine that may cascade notions of deep care of the heart upon one or the many through time. Sometimes spontaneity of self occurs out in nature where a beautiful moment in time is fostered with spirit of the land that triggers healing within to unfold. Sometimes spontaneity of self occurs in meditation times with spirit who humors or caresses you through the difficult memories in order to forgive. Read more