Image of a pristine snow capped mountain with a lake nearby reflecting itself. Psychology of You #1

Psychology of You #1


The Wheel of Fables of You


The World Mirror of Yourself


I am a wheel of mirrors

That each reflects in my life dance

That is sincere unto me

In the synergy of myself

Or insincere in the dis-synergy of me

In the love of the two or three

Or not

In the sway of care for each other

Or not

I am that I am

A wheel of fables all of my own

To realize myself

Into a state of divine love within


The Wheel of Fables in You: The World Mirror of Yourself


Each human is an entire wheel of characters of the lore fables of your life. The wheel of characters is reflected and refracted in the relationships that you have at home, at school, at work, and in all other associations through time. The lore fables have their undulations of positives and negatives that are experienced as good, bad, welcome or difficult encounters with others through time. Each character that you know is a mirror of a character sustained inside your lore fable wheel within.


The wheel of characters you experience in your life is first and foremost internal to yourself. This may be a new concept for some to begin to digest. The difficult lore fables catch in your dreams of life due to difficult characters in the wheel of possibilities in your own scripts within yourself and not necessarily not in them either. What we mean by this is that it takes two with difficult lore characters within to ignite a sick fate dream in which the difficult or unhappy encounter occurs through time and in the experience of each in their lives.


The difficult lore fable characters are each founded upon non-care of you and non-care of one another in the scripts of life. Out of a state of non-care, the difficult lore fables give birth to those who pit themselves against you through time. Some of the strife of difficult lore fables in your wheel of fate is external in the behavior of ugly emotional exchanges through time. Some of the strife is caused by difficult characters that foster unconscious nuances of hatred that cause energetic attacks and not necessarily difficult behavioral exchanges. Those mastering self-realization learn to witness both conscious and unconscious difficulties with lore fable characters in order to forgive and offset potential strife in life or disease of the biology. Read more