Image of a lovely water color painting of an adult whale and child whale. Giving Birth to Peace and Forgiving Fission Thoughtform

13. Giving Birth to Peace and Forgiving Fission Thoughtform


It is the Whale and Dolphin Kingdom that greets you today. We are again witnessing a turbulent time of ascension where many difficult patterns are rising to the surface to be cleared both within our kingdom and yours along with Mother Earth at large. It is for this reason that we write to you again today. Each time we have written, those reading of our sharing have gone on to make intentions that have contributed to the whole of the release of karma necessary for our kingdom and yours to ascend along with Terra (Earth’s consciousness).


Terra is beloved unto us. We hurt as she hurts; we struggle as she struggles; so many sensitive ascending humans that are drawn to us show us also how much you struggle to also ascend and feel deeply in the process. As of late fission karma has raised its difficult and ugly head for all of us to contend with. What is fission karma? Fission karma is similar to karma for nuclear annihilation, although the origins of fission are not with human armament but rather due to false ascension. Here both your species and ours must contend with how we contributed to the development of nuclear wars and annihilation of Earth through our own misguided ascensions.


There has been much revealed in the ascent of the land and sea and many records gathered that now are contributing to our understanding of combustion and incomplete ascension so that a whole and complete ascension can be launched, and the dance of fission thoughtform can be put behind us.


The records gathered thus far reveal that something went vastly wrong, and that ascension became something that was not ascension at all, but a travesty of the greatest order. The travesty was a dance where the body burnt up into a pile of ashes rather than ascending into a fully formed fourth dimensional vessel. The burnt up cellular structure anchored another thoughtform upon Earth that was not present up until this point in history, known as fission thoughtform.


About Fission Thoughtform


Fission thoughtform is a very difficult thoughtform to embody or embrace. Fission thoughtform causes all other thoughtform that is whole and complete to break apart, including holographic thoughtform. It was as fission thoughtform was anchored through incomplete ascensions leading to combustion that holographic knowledge began to blow itself apart upon the holographic planes of Earth. As holographic knowledge was blown apart, there was not enough understanding to gather it all back together again, and so holographic understanding was lost and the largest and earliest falls in consciousness within our species and yours then occurred. Read more