Image of a figure in meditation pose with brilliant light shining through its aura to symbolize Enlightenment.



Enlightenment is not some unattainable goal only for the saints and those who retreat from the world. Some people might fear that after enlightenment, they have to forsake their family, that they cannot get married, that they cannot do their business, that they have to practice austerities, that they cannot show human feelings. This is the wrong concept of Enlightenment.


God Is Love


After Enlightenment, we will be happier in our life; we will experience more love and harmony with our partner (or spouse) and family members; we will be much more efficient in our career and in everything we do; we will enjoy things much more in this world, but in moderation; we will love more. We will not lose anything that is truly ours. We will follow God’s will instead of our ego. We will know that Source-God truly exists and takes care of us in all ways and in any situation. We will feel God’s overwhelming Love and protection for us. We will understand why “God Is Love”.


Life After Enlightenment


After Enlightenment, we live in the world but not of it. We still have human feelings and emotions, but we are not ruled by them. We view life from the vantage point of eternity, without much of the drama associated with the world. Like watching a movie, if someone dies, we know that it is only a movie. We do our best to contribute to the betterment of society, but have no desire for material wealth or praise. However, if they come our way, then we would enjoy them, but are not attached to them. Read more