Image of a peaceful landscape in Nature. Spiritual Evolution Brings Universal Peace

Spiritual Evolution Brings Universal Peace


We have to help the world evolve higher and higher to join the other evolved galaxies, and by so doing we also help ourselves to elevate.


Everything has changed: The world has changed, I’ve changed and you’ve changed. Everyone must change. We must catch up.


Meditation is very important in bringing about spiritual evolution. If you meditate, it helps the world become even more elevated. It also helps the universe to become united and to balance things out so that one planet isn’t too high and another planet isn’t too low. Because then, we have wars between the planets.


Interplanetary Wars


Interplanetary wars have happened before. The planets were so different in frequencies, spiritually speaking, that they made war with each other. Therefore, to have peace we need to meditate to bring the atmosphere into a peaceful state. Because even though this world might be at peace, if other planets are not peaceful, you still have war: Not war on the planet, but interplanetary wars.


This world has been destroyed before. This world has reached a very high level of scientific success, but then because people knew too much and their spiritual side didn’t develop, they made war with other planets and other planets made war with them, so many things were destroyed.  Read more