Image of an exquisite sunset in Kauai. Dragon Dreaming Archive #2

Dragon Dreaming Archive #2


Dragons and Demons


Dragons of Truth


The dragons of truth

Are a foray of happenstance

Of the lore of Spirit

Accolading its freedom

To dance with self of the self within

In a symposium of mirth

In the laughter of the girth

Of a sacred path

In which the forgiveness and compassion

Of the dreams I dream

May manifest


Dragon Lore


Dragons are a nonphysical presence representing the truth of spirit expressed in the physical. Dragons resound through humans and natural world wonders that are pristine. Dragon lore is a symposium of systems of self that relay into human happenstance defining the nature of the expression and experienced of life. Each human has an expression that is related to dragons or demons in a spiritual lore context of self. Dragons infuse into humans who love and happenstance systems of resounding compassion and forgiveness in the foray of life. Demons infuse into all others accolading into systems of self that are not suited to spiritual pursuits. Dragons are of spirit and demons of the material world happenstance.


Dragons aspire to mirth and happenstances of joy in synergy with self. Dragon nature is positive with attributes of healing frequencies associated with self. Self is a fabric of consciousness that allows awareness to occur in the life. Dragons support awareness through infusion of spirit into the self of the self within. Dragons guide the self into the deeper understanding and meaning of life. Dragon spirited humans understand and learn to forgive in the foray of happenstance of circumstance. As forgiveness occurs, compassion develops in the self of the self within. As compassion develops, self-realization occurs and dragon lore dreams are mastered.


Demons accolade to the material pursuit of greed and happenstance of happiness through demon lore dreaming. Demon lore is for non-realization and non-pursuit of the spiritual path. Demon lore is not to be confused with anything other than those happenstances that accolade to dis-achievement of self. Self-realization either is achieved or is not in the life dream. Dragons accolade to those who shall achieve the spiritual pursuit of existence and demons personify all others who fail to achieve in the spiritual foray of dreams. Read more

Image of brilliant light in the middle of turquoise concentric waves. Dragon Prose

Dragon Prose


Ckanton of Association


I am the dragon

Of the dragon realm

Of an association Divine

That seeks to synergize

In all aspirations now and anew

In a forensic play

Of a Divine day

In which the birth of a new era may unfold

In a synergistic foreplay

Of a sensual ecstatic reunion

Of the truth of the testimony

Of the Soul and physical

Reunited in a configuration

Of Love


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