Image of the ocean waves. Dragon Dreaming Archive #6

Dragon Dreaming Archive #6


Dragon Dreamers of Spirit


Dragon Dreamers of Spirit


The Spirit

Of the dragon

Is a journey of design

Defining Soul

As the purveyor of life

To drive the dreams

Forward through time

As ignited by Spirit

To foster awareness

Of the sublime dreams

Of All That Is and all that has ever been

Through life


Dragon Dreamers of Spirit


Dragon dreamers of spirit foster estuaries of soul that directs dreams of honor, truth, gentleness and spiritual development. Dragons are spirit in form that emulates an imaginary creature in childhood fables that is fire breathing, sometimes flies with large wings and has a face akin to a horse but a body with scales not unlike a fish. Dragons can appear similar in the nonphysical although are sincerely of the fabric of light and not form. The nonphysical rearranges in appearance to suit each human who dreams with the dragon spirits of oneself. Dragons can also appear human or of nature kingdoms in the vision of the mind.


Dragon spirits are less prevalent today than in more ancient times. Most humans are un-aspired in the spiritual contexts of existence. Eras of spiritual development occur in eight hundred year increments in current cycles. The current era is another development foray of dream for a limited number of humans who are dragon spirited within. Dragon spirited humans generally reside in sacred regions only. Sacred regions occur in many places fostered in lush natural world wonders such as national parklands and forests.


Dragon dreams are sacred dances to foster spirit and soul in a union divine. Dragon dreamers strive for spiritual pursuits of honoring one another and fostering the care of the two or the family of care. Care of the heart is the theme of dragon dreamers. Honoring spirit is another theme of dragon dreams. Spirit is a metaphor for the nonphysical aspects directing the life. Many today do not believe that the nonphysical exist or fear what cannot be perceived through the eyes. The nonphysical is always present and directs the dreams of each in the life. Demons direct the dreams of most. Dragons direct the dreams only of dragon dreamers in this era. Read more

Image of a delightful field of tulips. Dragon Dreaming Archive #5

Dragon Dreaming Archive #5


Dragon Dreamers of Sincerity


Dragon Dreamers of Sincerity


The sincerity

Of the dragon

Is a superlative journey

Defining time

In the realms of the heart

In a beautiful foray

Of a unique flow

In which truth may define Love

As the preciousness

Of All That Is

And all that will ever be

Through time


Dragon Dreaming for Sincerity


Dragons when present are a sincere motion of love and care that fosters union of the two, family or group. Dragons are not present everywhere upon Earth. Certain motions foster demon dreaming in many regions. Generally, there are pockets of dragon dreaming enclaves in all countries or states. It is important for dragon dreamers to move to enclaves of dragon dreaming to foster mastery and the best possible dreams for the life happenstance.


Life in dragon dreaming renditions the extremes for countless possible notions of strife to become superfluous through time. Superfluous notions cause dreams to align in a synergy of self or between selves. Synergy of self cause dreams to cease to collide fostering the journey of unity and care amongst dragon dreamers. Dragon dreaming locations are often hotspots for vacations as demons enjoy playing in dragon dreams on holiday. Sometimes dragon dreaming accolades to superlative places such as parklands or open space that fosters the divine in spirit. Dragons generally prefer their own enclave in life rather than living in a demonic dream happenstances.


Demonic dream happenstances are far from the care that nurtures the heart of dragon dreamers. Demons are inherently lustful to outright belligerent in notion often demanding their needs above and beyond the needs of each or the whole. Meeting the needs of each and the whole is the foundation of dragon dreaming accolades of self. Dragon dreams foster collaboration and unity even when demons are present in any region. Demons that are terribly un-fortuitous in their ambition to destroy are generally evicted for superlative dragon dreaming regions and move in the physical in time. The loss of the most difficult of demons causes dragon dreaming regions to be a safe place to foster life for dragon-based humans. Read more

Image of a graceful swan on color abstract cosmic background. Dragon Dreaming Archive #4

Dragon Dreaming Archive #4


Dragon Dreamers of Truth


Dragon Dreamers of Truth


The dreams

Of the dragon

Are an inspiring journey

Of epic moments

Into the realms of truth

In a stream of light synthesis

Of resounding understanding

Over the introspection of life

And the forgiveness of the plight

Revering each from the perspective

Of the heart


Dragon Dreaming for Truth


Dragons are a foray of spirit that oscillates in the forensic motions of truth and sincerity of heart. Sincerity of heart is a state of being in which one honors all others in the dreams of life. Sincerity of heart fosters union in the sublime relationships in life. Union fosters a forensic motion of a kindling of love between the two, the family or the group. Sublime relationships are those individuals who are unique and foster a sensation of joy in the presence of self. Joy is an opening unto self to share of itself with others. Self desires to share of its understanding, its awareness, its capabilities of dream weaving, and its capacity to heal and foster the sublime motions of union, love and joy together.


Union together is a rare occurrence in most relationships, families or groups at this time. Historical notions prove that union and honor are fostered in momentous occasions where dragon lore dreams resound and repose upon human cultures. Today demon dreams resound more greatly upon all human lore fables and dreams. As a result, there is little forensic union possible between the two or the many. Those who discover union of the two or a small group are fortuitous in causing the resounding joy of the dance of the dragon through time.


Joy is an oscillation and motion that allows the two or the group to foster the unique expression of each. Honor and union are founded upon the allowance of each to express and share of self. In many group settings, only one to a few are allowed to express while all others foster silence or debilitation of expression. Debilitation of expression is a loss of awareness of self to be present and share. At this time of demon interplay, those with awareness often shut down in the presence of strong-willed persona that does not desire to allow others to share in taking center stage. Read more

Image of enchanting cherry blossoms and shiny stars. Dragon Dreaming Archive #3

Dragon Dreaming Archive #3


Dragon Dreaming from the Heart


Dragon Dreamers of the Heart


The dreams

Of the dragon

Are a mesmerizing exploration

Of plight

Into the realms of Spirit

In which matter collides

Into a journey of understanding

Of the need to forgive

And be at peace

Learning the lessons

Of the heart


The Fables of Dragon Dreams: Postulations for Self-Realization


Dragon dreams are avenues of experience that express the predisposition of self in concise methods of anthology. Each human has a postulation for a predisposition founded upon a hypothesis of life of archetypal lore. Hypothesis for each life are contemplated prior to each incarnation to assure a journey of the dragon human into dragon dreaming lore. Dragon lore dreams presuppose a spiritual journey into the explorations of lessons that lead to understanding, forgiveness and compassionate action of self. Dreams that support spiritual understanding are special sequences that catch through the life augmenting self-realization.


Most dragon dreamers are born into happenstance of both demon and dragon nature in the family. Sometimes one parent is dragon in nature. Many times, dragon natured humans are born into those of demonic nature within the entire family foray of dream. Generally, there is someone close by that is dragon in nature that may be a neighbor, aunt, uncle or grandparent if not a parent. Dragon natured humans cause at least one person near enough to aid in the dreams of childhood and teenage years in support of difficult happenstances of strife. The dragon natured other may be remembered fondly as a support influence in the early life.




Dragon dreamers postulate many happenstances to understand the life circumstance to cause forgiveness to unfold. Generally, there is deep struggle of polarity of opposite happenstance to cause strife in the early life, the teenage years and the young adult years. The purpose of the strife is to accolade the path of forgiveness later in life. The strife is a necessary component to the opening unto realization of self. Many dragon dreamers do not begin the realization process until the age of twenty-five to thirty. Today many young dragon dreamers are awakening and are sometimes called “Indigos” in the current human experience. Indigos often awaken with dragon dreamer parents or relatives that are mastering in parallel in syncopated sequences of dreams. Read more

Image of 2 mostly yellow and some violet flowers native to Norway. Dragon Dreaming Archive #1

Dragon Dreaming Archive #1


Prose of Self


The Banter of the Ckantor


The banter of the ckantor

Is a message of Self

From the dragon lore realm

Accolading the foray of happenstance

Into a new day

Filled with mirth and happiness

Departing the non-sweetness

Filling the life with truth

Sincere to the postulation

Of myself

And my Soul


Prose Ckantor


Prose ckantor is banter of self. Banter is a poetry form of mirth to make light of the happenstance of the day. Banter is associated with dragon lore dreamtime. Dragons dance in the mirth of the girth of self. Mirth is happiness, joy and humorous expression of the lesson of the day. Girth is the strength required for self to realize the thoughts at cause of the happenstance. As thoughts are realized, they are edited through forgiveness of the issues of the day.


Issues are made light of in banter. Self realizes best in humor of itself. Humor lightens the self into transformative gear known as banter. Banter poetically reposes the lessons such that the self may understand, illuminate, ponder and progress through its accolades of achievement. Banter can be attuned unto through conscious intention. Self continually receives banter as a part of its happenstance in its accolades of achievement. Banter fosters the introspection necessary to realize itself. The following is an example of banter for those reading this chapter.


Banter of Treasonous Union


The beautiful one of the system of self is accolading achievement for itself. The journey is witty and gritty. The murk and the mire are impure. The day is grim and the achievement is beholding a sad tale of two who are not well. The male stands tall in the grass of the valley and cannot find his way. The female is wandering listlessly in the valley alone and by herself. The two longs for each other but are separated by a stream and a gorge of mountains. Read more