Image of a delightful field of tulips. Dragon Dreaming Archive #5

Dragon Dreaming Archive #5


Dragon Dreamers of Sincerity


Dragon Dreamers of Sincerity


The sincerity

Of the dragon

Is a superlative journey

Defining time

In the realms of the heart

In a beautiful foray

Of a unique flow

In which truth may define Love

As the preciousness

Of All That Is

And all that will ever be

Through time


Dragon Dreaming for Sincerity


Dragons when present are a sincere motion of love and care that fosters union of the two, family or group. Dragons are not present everywhere upon Earth. Certain motions foster demon dreaming in many regions. Generally, there are pockets of dragon dreaming enclaves in all countries or states. It is important for dragon dreamers to move to enclaves of dragon dreaming to foster mastery and the best possible dreams for the life happenstance.


Life in dragon dreaming renditions the extremes for countless possible notions of strife to become superfluous through time. Superfluous notions cause dreams to align in a synergy of self or between selves. Synergy of self cause dreams to cease to collide fostering the journey of unity and care amongst dragon dreamers. Dragon dreaming locations are often hotspots for vacations as demons enjoy playing in dragon dreams on holiday. Sometimes dragon dreaming accolades to superlative places such as parklands or open space that fosters the divine in spirit. Dragons generally prefer their own enclave in life rather than living in a demonic dream happenstances.


Demonic dream happenstances are far from the care that nurtures the heart of dragon dreamers. Demons are inherently lustful to outright belligerent in notion often demanding their needs above and beyond the needs of each or the whole. Meeting the needs of each and the whole is the foundation of dragon dreaming accolades of self. Dragon dreams foster collaboration and unity even when demons are present in any region. Demons that are terribly un-fortuitous in their ambition to destroy are generally evicted for superlative dragon dreaming regions and move in the physical in time. The loss of the most difficult of demons causes dragon dreaming regions to be a safe place to foster life for dragon-based humans. Read more