Image of a radiant heart in the midst of flowers. Introduction To Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension-Workbook 1

Introduction To Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1


Book’s Introduction         


The workbook and worksheets compiled in these materials represent the knowledge and understanding gained for the past several years of group ascension associated with the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS). Earth has always been involved in the ascent of Asur’Ana and Per along with those studying with them in dreamtime, as it is only as enough is understood about the ancient human history that all may ascend. No records exist of human history; records have had to be compiled from those who ascended and in so doing, released the records held stored in their own biology. As enough of each ancestry has ascended, a more “whole or complete” picture could be put together of the human dream.


More has been revealed about the nature of the Anu as well as the ancient red seeded race and larger headed humans. This information is shared within these pages so that it may trigger one’s own personal karma. As karma is triggered, there is an opportunity to forgive. Through forgiveness, the suffering, pain, judgment and atrocities of the past can be wiped clean and clear so that there can be a new beginning and new era born for humankind. This is the purpose of ascension; to acknowledge the dance of one’s ancestry and to forgive. As enough forgive, a new day will then be born. This requires more to focus inward upon the spiritual goals of transcendence and mastery. This is the purpose for which the materials in this workbook have come forth; to provide guidance for one’s own choice to master internal to self.


Mastery is not a small goal; it is a goal that one’s ancestors have longed for in many time periods and fell unfulfilled upon due to circumstance that was not supportive of evolution. Now there are frequencies emanating from the Great Central Sun that allow for evolution to take hold. Now therefore is an opportunity to fulfill upon these important spiritual goals. For most reading these materials, it is one’s ancestors that press one forward, for it is only as one forgives that they too may forgive and release their karma associated with one’s tapestry of ancestry.


We invite you therefore to proceed through the following pages of written materials followed by guided worksheets for introspection. If you feel confused, we guide you to read the Ascension Insights series in the order that each book was published. These books can be read on the Aligning With Earth website for free or they can be purchased as eBooks on the website or on Amazon Kindle. The materials in these books will prepare one for the introspection offered through these materials. Also, please refer to the Language of Light information for support of your goal of evolution. As you perceive certain glyphs that are helpful to the intentions you have made, feel free to print out full sized images and hang them upon your walls. The images will remind you to move the energy in a particular way that will allow for continued evolution.


We suggest reading the information in the order that it was compiled. The teachings build upon themselves in this workbook for easier understanding the further that one proceeds. Understand that ascension is not a direct science; it is a path that one chooses for spiritual evolution. Ascension is an inner job where one chooses to focus inward and become aware of the unconscious and nonphysical realms that surround oneself as well as be in observation of one’s own thoughts and behavior. Read more