Image of a beautiful lavender pink lotus. Introduction to the Hypothesis of Union

Section 2: Introduction to the Hypothesis of Union with Shakti Studies


Self Realization through Divine Union Within


Union Lore


The dream of the dream

Of the union

Is a repose of enchantment

In a synergy of delight

Of the beauty of the two

Ignited as One

In the hope of the return

Of the Beloved Within

In a special moment

In a hypothesis

Of a Union Divine


There are many unconscious patterns that affect unions between partners in relationship. Union is a sought-after goal by many who are realizing self. Partnership aids in the opening of the heart and the understanding of the accolades of forgiveness and compassion of self-realization. Those in difficult unions struggle but open to the deeper possibility of a profound love within as the divine chalice in the heart opens. Love is a union within that blossoms into a lotus through spiritual focus upon the divine.


Chalice of the Divine


Divinity is a lost possibility in the current human marketplace except for those willing to open the chalice of the divine within. The chalice is a lotus of eighteen petals as it opens and expands to over a thousand in the heart chakra as compassionate action is embraced as a life anthem. Anthems are musical forays of repose that ignite within the chalice of the divine as the heart buds into striations of the lotus of self. Anthems change into verities of reposes of union as self is realized into greater levels of mastery.


The self of the self within is seated in the petals of the lotus or chalice of the divine. Self is the consciousness of the awareness of the spiritually attuned and gifted self. Most in the current human foray have no self or are self-less in expression. Loss of self is a deep wound in many ancestries that choose for a spiritual quest in life. As the wound of the loss of the self of the self within heals, the chalice opens and buds in feats of increasing awareness through spiritual aptitude of evolutionary fulfillment. Read more