Image of luscious lychee fruits on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #8

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #8


Perseverance of Self


Perseverance of Self



The Tao of your heart

Ordains you to persevere

In the love of himself

In the love of the two

Or the three or the many

As soul family emerges in your life

In gracious moments in time

After difficult moments in you

Forgiving the quagmires of your life

And finding compassion for you and each other

In the love of the Tao within

And the blessings of the Dao of your heart


Perseverance of Self


Perseverance is a foundry of self that aligns the dreams of your life to cascade in purposeful fulfillment of your realization within. The purposeful realization fosters deeper compassion and love of the heart for you and each in the dreams of life. The purposeful action is a Tao oriented fostering both from within and in association with the Tao of the planet. The Tao of the planet fosters all measures of realization dreams in this cycle. Aligning the Tao of your heart with the planetary Tao is a sacred bond of action that fosters realization to bloom. Realization is personal and insightful from within with the Tao of your heart guiding the way through each quagmire of you that you must foster forgiveness into compassion within.


The wheel time is endless and timeless in realization perseverance and not derived in the clicking moments of a clock. Time can stretch or shorten. Moments of revelations may seem like eons in a single flash of a major moment of expanded compassion taking flight within. Searching the seemingly endless complexities of each quagmire leading to a major moment of revelation may feel like flashes in the pan or no-time that suddenly burst into the morning light as you have been up all night realizing you.


The dawn bursts forward and now you must do something else and life carries you on into its intricacies of work or school. If you have time to spare perhaps you will remain with your process for another half day or the rest of the day and still no revelation is fostered. Finally, you give up and go do something else as more processing just seems irrelevant. And yet as you foster your journey to the post or to the health club or out to dinner, suddenly in a flash pan of self you realize the current quagmire of you. The quagmire unravels and suddenly you find yourself in love; in love with you, in love with them who were a major problem in your life, and in love with the spirit world fostering your journey; and in love with the Tao of your heart. Read more