Image of a serene forest in Tibet with violet colored wild flowers. Transcending Usury, Ownership, and Patterns of Non-Love

Chapter 5: Transcending Usury, Ownership, and Patterns of Non-Love


Today we write about patterns of usury and non-love. The human species has fallen into the belief that somehow being used and owned is love; and that owning and using others is also love. This was not the original casted nature of the Red Nations humans or Grand Masters as they were seeded upon Earth; although you could say that patterns of usury, ownership and non-love were embedded in a hidden language within the DNA. As long as the hidden language remained buried, it did not act out in the dance of life. If the hidden language surfaced, suddenly Red Nations humans and Grand Master relations allowed themselves to be used and owned and perceived this as a loving thing to participate in.


How exactly does this work? First, we must define what love is in Red Nation terms. Love is ongoing blessings that flow between the two or the many. The blessings contain the love of the human hologram, the love of Mother Earth and the love of soul combined. Love sustains life, health, wellbeing and longevity.


When the communion was run in an ongoing and sustainable manner within red nation tribes, those existing in this type of flow lived 1,000 to 2,000 years upon the physical plane, as the love supported the regeneration of crystalline biology. The love also sustained Mother Earth and those regions that the Red Nations’ peoples lived also regenerated, providing amply for their populations along with all other kingdoms residing upon the land. The love also sustained soul such that soul could continue to incarnate and dance with the human species.


Souls upon Earth are not innocent. The souls that came to dance with the humans that were seeded from Sirius had an alternative purpose. Over time, they began to strip love from the dance of communion between humans and send this love to Sirius. This was to propel Sirius upwards in vibration but at the expense of humans upon Earth. As this occurred, the usury and ownership language hidden in the DNA was drawn to the foreground and then began to act out in tribal life. How does usury and ownership alter the dance of life? This is an interesting topic all of its own that we are going to thoroughly explore in this chapter.


Ownership Signatures   


Long ago, Asur’Ana wrote about ownership patterning that occurred between the nonphysical and physical. These signatures are a part of the hidden language in all human DNA upon Earth. The original set of signatures brought forth through Asur’Ana long ago were not a complete set, and all signatures of ownership whether they be earth related or multidimensional have been mapped and are available for review in the Temple of Ownership for all ascending sentient beings at this time in history. Read more