Image of an inquisitive looking praying mantis. The Praying Mantis Looks Over Its Shoulder

16. The Praying Mantis Looks Over Its Shoulder


Blessings for Detoxification


The Praying Mantis Kingdom


It is the Praying Mantis Kingdom that addresses you today. Our species like many other “little crawlers” holds a special function upon Terra or Earth. Our function is to maintain a bridge between species that are small and large alike. Such a bridge can be considered ongoing communication that allows each species to ascend together as a collective or in collaboration with one another.


Photonic Energy and Biological Ascension


Ascension is individual as well as of the whole. Each species must ascend each embodiment that they have upon the physical plane, as well as the etheric and light body planes. Such ascension must come together in a synchronistic manner with each species rising in vibration in parallel timing with one another lest Earth be thrown off balance with too high a frequency in some species and too low a frequency in yet other species. It is the Praying Mantis kingdom that watches for highs and lows within the ascension of any species, and then communicates such information unto the consciousness of Earth so that she may choose to press more photonic energy into any kingdom that is lagging behind, and take away photonic energy from those kingdoms that are speeding forward too fast in the ascent.


It is photonic energy that ultimately determines the pace of biological ascension. As photonic energy bathes the cellular structure, the cells are commanded to become crystalline and begin to grow DNA into a new structure. There is no way to prevent ascension therefore, as Earth is bathed in photonic energy day and night given the Star Gate towards the Great Central Sun that she has entered. For those who are clairvoyant, one will perceive photonic energy as golden flecks and flashes all around oneself. Take a moment to look upwards at the sky, but away from the sun if it is a sunny day. Wait a moment and soon you will attune to the photonic energy and perceive the golden flecks and flashes all around you, seemingly falling from the sky.


Earth has been searching for a means to amplify photonic flow giving it twice to three times the impact over her global ascent. Over time, Earth has learned new holographic movement that has this affect; as a result, there is presently 3 times the photonic energy available than there would be otherwise. More or less Earth utilizes holographic movement to capture photonic energy that she has already passed through and send it through her kingdoms a second, third or even fourth time before leaving such flow behind in her continued travels towards the boundaries of the Great Central Sun.


One may also call photonic energy towards oneself to spawn a more rapid pace of ascension in parallel manner unto Earth. This Asur’Ana and Per have learned in their own ascent and teaching. Their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) workshop event each year is used to amplify photonic energy to such a large degree that many months of physical ascension occur in a mere four days. This can be a large boost in one’s ascent to those devoted to this goal in this lifetime. The amplification of photonic flow is a conscious agreement on the part of each who attends that draws the energy unto themselves for this purpose. Read more