Image of a pretty red flower with some yellow near the center. Flower Essences of Self #1

Flower Essences of Self #1


Flower Essences of Self Introduction


Flowers of Self


It is a wondrous occasion

To be the one of the one

Of the flower realm

Accolading my dream

In a happenstance of joy

In a cadence of sound

In a fortification of love

In a system of self

To cause the beautification of myself

In an enchanting foray

To realize the love of the love within


Flower Essences of Self Introduction


Flower essences of self is a series of articles to explore the issues of self-realization. Self realization is an antidotal process of recognition of the divine attributes of self. Self is a foray of a field that flowers within itself as realization occurs. The flowers of self shall explore the variant attributes of the formations of flowering that occurs in mindset development of divine proportions of self. Divine proportions of self accolade synergy to the systems of the field into waves of light formations that transfuse.


Transfusion is a light synthesis phenomenon. Light synthesis occurs as light waves are embraced into the self of the self within. The self of the self within is a flower formation that begins with the chalice divine. The chalice divine oscillates a lotus pattern that allows forgiveness to take flight in the life. Forgiveness is the first formation that allows self to descend and striate into the field. Self striates between the formations of chakras and flowers in florescence light formations as compassionate action and divinity occur in self development.


Self-development is not a formation of ascension. Ascension is a precursor to self development. Self-development occurs in light synthesis which first must form a field rotation attuned unto the possibility of self realization. Self realization is an ancient concept and field formation that has occurred in lifetimes and eras long lost. Self-realization occurs in small numbers in eras of recent aptitude of spiritual foray of dreams. Self realization is to occur in more numbers in the age of enlightenment about to unfold. Read more